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Research was carried out in order to replace solvent based coatings with powder coatings (containing no organic solvents) for woods in order to avoid emissions and improve environmental preservation. The necessary condition achiev good flow is low viscosity of the binder at th...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 19030
Last updated on: 1997-07-16
The prototype machine manufactured is built on the basis of a LAJTOS industrial jigger fitted with the latest features in terms of unwind speed adjustment and fabric tension adjustment. The whole operation of the machine is managed by a programmable automated system: programme...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 19049
Last updated on: 1997-07-16
The linen industries must find a solution for the high creasing and the difficult washing and ironing of linen goods. Liquid ammonia treatments may provide a solution to these problems. Thus, the effect of liquid ammonia treatments on the properties of the flax fibre were stud...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 12577
Last updated on: 1995-08-15
The project was presented by partners involved in packaging for the food industry and in multi-energy thermal treatment, in order to improve product quality by means of an efficient pasteurization process and device whose use could be extended to other industrial domains (for ...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 21817
Last updated on: 1998-11-25
The prototype allows combination of plasma carburinzing and high pressure gas quenching processes in 1 chamber. The furnace is built for pressures of nitrogen up to 10 bar and of helium and hydrogen up to 20 bar. Detailed investigations on evenness of carburizing and quenching...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 21804
Last updated on: 2001-06-29
A new, low cost, high pressure, low pump has been designed, developed and demonstrated. High definition suspension jet equipment has been developed and demonstrated at both 700 bar and 1400 bar. This equipment has been tried and tested in a job shop environment. The results pr...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 19096
Last updated on: 1997-08-19
Research was carried out in order to develop modern machining technologies and production techniques in the subcontracting industry, particularly the machining industry in the European Union. These objectives were realized through the following research subjects: the forming ...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 19055
Last updated on: 1997-07-16
A flexible software system has been developed that allows one to implement cost calculation models that allow companies to make cost calculations for their products faster and more accurately. The software is a combination of spreadsheet and database functions. For each of the...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 19044
Last updated on: 1998-03-16
The state-of-the-art in Europe and world-wide is the application of chromated and coated aluminium. In many cases however, above all in maritime climates and in industrial areas, corrosion can occur. The existing repair systems can prevent the renewed corrosion only for a very...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 18485
Last updated on: 1997-02-04
Research was carried out in order to improve the image of thermoplastic rubber (TR) as a quality product in footwear in the European Community (EC). Initially, 19 TR compounds were studied. Sole designs were selected appropriate for 3 types of footwear: childrens, sports (bask...
Programme: FP3-CRAFT
Record Number: 12587
Last updated on: 1996-10-11
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