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ID: CHRX930166
Start date: 1993-12-01, End date: 1996-11-30
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 25272
Last updated on: 1999-12-21
ID: CHRX940501
Start date: 1994-10-01, End date: 1997-09-30
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 25588
Last updated on: 1995-05-31
ID: CHRX920008
Start date: 1993-07-01, End date: 1995-12-31
The major scientific goal of this project concerns the induction, maintenance and breakdown of immune tolerance which will be approached using transgenic technology and gene targeting. Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanism which are involved in self tolerance may ...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 25131
Last updated on: 1998-10-07
ID: CHRX930333
Start date: 1993-12-01, End date: 1996-05-31
- To develop expertise in both the fabrication and the basic physics of diffractive and miniaturized refractive optical elements usable in image processors and other optical and optoelectronic cellular processors. - To develop optoelectronic arrays combining the functions of ...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 25377
Last updated on: 1995-06-01
ID: CHRX920033
Start date: 1993-05-01, End date: 1994-09-30
Investigation of one of the most exciting challenges of modern astrophysics: the evolution of extragalactic sources (galaxies, AGNs, clusters of galaxies), applying a balanced and incisive approach to the study, encompassing data acquisition and analysis, theoretical elaborati...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 25035
Last updated on: 1998-10-07
Insect flight muscle is not fully activated by calcium and must be stretched to attain full activation. We have identified two isoforms of a regualtory protein in Drosophila. One isoform stimulates contraction when it binds calcium; the other stimulates contraction when musc...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 11558
Last updated on: 2005-01-05
Various spectroscopic, kinetic and structural studies performed on the proteins have led to the characterization of various forms of hemocyanins and their tyrosinase like activity, the identification of the substrate binding site of ascorbate oxidase, the complete X-ray and so...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 11556
Last updated on: 1998-02-03
Nonlinear effects play a significant role in biomolecular dynamics and in many biophysical systems. Classical and quantum versions of the discrete self trapping equation form useful models for biomolecules and highly ordered thin films. For solving discrete quantum problem...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 12053
Last updated on: 1998-01-22
A standardized database on the European family has been constructed investigating the conceptual basis of different classification schemes and harmonizing these where possible. Measurement and interpretation of the social and economic impact of changes in the processes of hous...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 11559
Last updated on: 1998-03-09
[REPORT SUMMARY] Neutron instrumentation
Prototype solid state neutron detectors, based on both amorphous and crystalline silicon diodes have been built and their characteristics investigated. The possibility of using polarized helium-3 as a neutron polarizer is being investigated. A prototype European Standard for t...
Programme: FP3-HCM
Record Number: 11535
Last updated on: 1998-03-10
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