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[REPORT SUMMARY] Economic modelling
The purpose of the model is to proovide a framework for evaluating different policies, particularly those aimed at acheiving sustainable energy use over the long term. A main task of the model is the evaluation of policies reducing anthropogenic emmissions of greenhouse gasses...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 957
Last updated on: 1996-10-24
ID: JOS3980025
Start date: 1998-11-01, End date: 2000-04-30
The European Commission, through its JOULE Programme ExternE Project, has made substantial contribution to the development of methodologies for the evaluation of the externalities associated with a wide range of fossil, nuclear and renewable fuel cycles. The ExternE project ...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 45917
Last updated on: 1999-03-15
ID: JOS3950004
Start date: 1996-01-01, End date: 1997-05-31
Objectives Recent trends in economic thought, in particular the emphasis on sustainable development and the use of market mechanisms in environmental regulation, have given prominence to environmental externalities. Studies have shown that transport is a source of considera...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 37118
Last updated on: 1996-04-01
ID: JOE3987020
Start date: 1998-12-01, End date: 2000-11-30
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 47384
Last updated on: 1999-04-20
ID: JOE3980093
Start date: 1998-08-01, End date: 2001-02-28
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 45897
Last updated on: 2004-06-06
Energy mangement systems (EMS) are capable of saving a lot of energy as they decrease the user influence on energy consumption. But most often a fixed EMS leads to dissatisfaction. The BySyS EMS allows the users to set their own options for energy management via an Internet ba...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 33563
Last updated on: 2004-09-15
[REPORT SUMMARY] Avalanche server
The AVALANCHE Server provides product information on PV modules, wind turbines, mini-hydro turbines and biogas plants. It further includes incentive schemes for renewable energies, environmental information and examples of installed renewable energy technologies (RET). Simulat...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 33562
Last updated on: 2004-09-15
ID: JOR3980243
Start date: 1998-05-01, End date: 2000-04-30
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 44500
Last updated on: 2004-06-06
ID: JOR3980295
Start date: 1998-05-01, End date: 2000-07-31
In order to be able to predict the energy yield available at a potential wind farm site, accurate predictions of the wind regime at that site are required. Improvements in the wind speed and direction predictions will reduce the uncertainty in the available energy yield, whi...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 44115
Last updated on: 1998-05-11
A MCP (measure-correlate-predict) algorithm has been developed to predict the long-term wind resource of a site (and thereby the production of a planned wind farm) based on a neureal network model. Very difficult to predict in complex terrain, so any improved algorithms will e...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 33561
Last updated on: 2004-09-15
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