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Final Report Summary - SPEAR (Sustainable options for people, catchment and aquatic resources)
The main objective of the SPEAR project was to develop and test a structurally integrated conceptual framework for the interpretation of coastal zone structure and dynamics within areas where communities depended primarily upon marine resources. More specifically, the objec...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 51925
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - ENPRODUS (Development of an Operational Plan for Environmental Protection from Industrial Dusts in Russia and other NIS)
The ENPRODUS project addressed the environmental pollution problems that were related to the emission of metallurgical dusts in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Actually, ENPRODUS aimed at the development of an operational plan, which would include proposals of feasible prevent...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 49633
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - MED 7 (Thematic workshops for the definition of the science and technology Euro-Mediterranean Policy within FP7)
The MED7 project was designed to correspond to the pressing need to have a better targeted and a more incisive policy and instruments to enhance Research and technological development (RTD) in the Mediterranean area. Thus it aimed to: - strengthen coordination and complement...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 52060
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - GUYAGROFOR (Development of sustainable agroforestry systems based on indigenous and maroon knowledge in the Guyana shield region)
Since the 20th century communities in the rainforests of Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela have been facing increasing pressures on their lands, caused by expanding economic activities. Fighting against further marginalisation and facing imminent threats from environmental destru...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 51932
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - PAHPV-1 (HPV Pilot Action Indonesia)
Genital infections with high-risk Human papilloma viruses (HPV), in particular HPV type 16, are extremely common and can cause severe diseases of the female genital tract of which worldwide 250 000 women die per year. Healthy subjects, but not patients, predominantly exhibit s...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 51548
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - INTREAT (Integrated treatment of industrial wastes towards prevention of regional water resources contamination)
The Balkan countries are characterised by the presence of valuable mineral resources, which are intensively exploited. However, these activities result in severe environmental impacts related to the contamination of air, soil and surface and groundwater. The INTREAT project ai...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 51705
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - EPIC FORCE (Evidence-based policy for integrated control of forested river catchments in extreme rainfall and snowmelt)
The EPIC FORCE project aimed to clarify the forest impact on flood response for extreme rainfall and snowmelt events, thus developing science based policy recommendations for integrated forest and water resources management which would be relevant to the Latin American environ...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 51926
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - BEDOUIN HEALTH (Improving access to and quality of reproductive and child health care to marginal peoples: Bedouin in Jordan and Lebanon)
Basic health care provision for pastoral peoples in the Middle East has been difficult to provide due to their remoteness and mobility. Government services are designed for fixed, permanently domiciled populations. In the arena of health care, these marginal mobile or recently...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 52962
Last updated on: 2011-11-23
Final Report Summary - NORMA (Natural resource management in the mountain regions of Asia: Community-led research requirements)
The objective of the NORMA project was to identify critical research requirements for natural resource management in order to support existing policies for sustainable integrated mountain development in the semi-arid areas of the Karakoram-Hindu Kush-Himalayan (KHKH) region. ...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 51715
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - RP/PPR MARKVAC (Development of marker vaccines, companion diagnostic tests and improvement of epidemiological knowledge to facilitate control of rinderpest ...)
The main objectives of the RP/PPR MARKVAC project were the following: Task I: Development of marker vaccines for Rinderpest (RP) and Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) - To develop marker vaccines capable of preventing RP and PPR infections. These vaccines would be able to ...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 53005
Last updated on: 2012-02-14
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