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GeneTime: An interdisciplinary training site in Ancient Biomolecules
ID: 7909
Start date: 2005-07-01, End date: 2009-06-30
We propose an inter-institutional, interdisciplinary training centre dedicated to the recovery of information from ancient biomolecules, GeneTime. The study of ancient biomolecules is a vibrant and innovative new interdisciplinary research area, with important scientific and c...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 82186
Last updated on: 2012-07-19
Final Activity Report Summary - LASMICROTOK (Transfer of knowledge in laser microprocessing)
The project brought expertise in microscale and nanoscale technologies to the laser group at University of Liverpool, an acknowledged centre for the development of macroscale processes using high power lasers. The transfer of this knowledge was the key aim of the project. Two...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52123
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - BIOMED MINE (Galway Laboratory for Biomedical Data Mining)
This project has established and developed a new interdisciplinary research capability for Data Mining in Biomedical Science in the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). This is a new area of research expertise for the university. It has built on past research that has...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52501
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - SECRETION IN PLANTS (Development of new molecular tools to study secretion in plant cells)
The goal of the project was the development of new molecular tools for the study of secretion in plant cells. The research work focused essentially on the characterisation of exocytose using exogenous molecular markers such as 'Intrinsically fluorescent proteins' (IFP) and enz...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52222
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - WATER WATCH (Non-invasive imaging of the water dynamics in a soil plant groundwater system)
How does water flow to roots? Water flows from soil to roots following a negative gradient in water potential, that comprises of gravity and capillarity forces. Roots work as pumps that take up water from the soil in its vicinity, the rhizosphere. Water that is removed from th...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52497
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - DNAREC (DNA recognition by drugs and proteins)
The DNAREC programme provided multidisciplinary research training to 11 early stage research scientists in the area of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) recognition by synthetic drugs and proteins. Three of the trainees undertook 36 months of training each, in order to complete P...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52239
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - MYCOREMED (Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the accumulation of radiocaesium by plants)
MYCOREMED aimed to elucidate the mechanisms involved in the transport of radiocesium by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) to the root cells, its uptake by root cells and translocation to shoot cells in mycorrhizal plants. Three principal plant models were used, namely medicag...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52242
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - TRIFID (Training and research in the fundamentals of inflammatory disease)
Chronic inflammatory disease affects almost one third of the European Union population and this figure is rising. Diseases that fall into this category range from allergic diseases like asthma to severe non-allergic autoimmune diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and r...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52189
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity Report Summary - AMERAC (Advanced methods for environment research and control)
The increasing pollution of air and water resources implies the immediate activities towards stopping further degradation of environment. The water resources in many parts of Europe are not sufficient to meet the needs of the population. In many cases, natural fresh water reso...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52178
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
Final Activity and Management Report Summary - MITOCHONDRIA & ABETA (Mitochondria and beta-amyloid in brain ischemia/reperfusion)
Accumulation of beta-amyloid peptide is a key factor of Alzheimer's disease. Some authors suggested that ischemia/repefusion increases beta-amyloid production via mitochondria. beta-amyloid peptides are prone to aggregation, and it is recently found that oligomeric forms of th...
Programme: FP6-MOBILITY
Record Number: 52390
Last updated on: 2012-05-25
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