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Mediterranean co-ordination and dissemination of land conservation management to combat land degradation for the sustainable use of natural resources in the mediterranean coastal zone
ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10002
Start date: 2002-10-01, End date: 2007-05-31
Specific objectives of the Thematic Network include the effectiveness of dissemination of research, studies and projects carried out on Land DegradationManagement (LDM) in the Mediterranean coastal zone. The network aims at providing research and project reviews , indications-...
Programme: FP5-INCO 2
Record Number: 65127
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Water saving in Mediterranean agriculture
ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10013
Start date: 2003-01-01, End date: 2007-03-31
WASAMED will: - Establish a Mediterranean-wide structure to enable communication and sharing of experience between researchers, decision makers, end-users; - link research activities to the real needs and concern from all the Mediterranean countries; - allow access to easy-to ...
Programme: FP5-INCO 2
Record Number: 67091
Last updated on: 2006-06-13
Developing new analytical techniques and materials for monitoring and protecting metal artefacts and monuments from the Mediterranean region
ID: 509126
Start date: 2004-11-01, End date: 2008-04-30
Museums and historical sites in the Mediterranean region are made up of collections from Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, and Islamic periods that are witnesses to that past. However, objects made of metals tend to suffer the most in terms of their prese rvation. The high relat...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 73711
Last updated on: 2010-01-04
Archeoseismology and Paleoseismology for the protection of cultural heritage and archaeological sites in the Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey)
ID: ICA3-CT-2002-10024
Start date: 2003-03-01, End date: 2006-08-31
Large earthquakes are among the most destructive and costly catastrophes. Recently, the Izmit region in western Turkey experienced a large seismic events that induced severe damage and 35 billions Euro of losses. Several regions of the Middle East (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and T...
Programme: FP5-INCO 2
Record Number: 69084
Last updated on: 2006-06-13
Exploiting the wheat genome to optimise water use in Mediterranean ecosystems
ID: 509136
Start date: 2004-09-01, End date: 2009-08-31
Water is a major determinant of yield for farming wheat in the Mediterranean basin. Wheat is mainly grown under rainfed conditions often characterized by relatively low and uncertain rainfall. The projected change in global climate towards even drier con ditions in the Mediter...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 74213
Last updated on: 2010-09-24
Promotion of a new generation of solar thermal systems in the MPC
ID: 32319
Start date: 2006-10-02, End date: 2009-01-01
The Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) of the European Union are confronted with a rapidly increasing energy demand in the coming decades resulting from a bundle of demographic, socio-economic and resource related factors. The Mediterranean region has large potential for th...
Programme: FP6-SUSTDEV
Record Number: 90568
Last updated on: 2009-05-05
Strengthening the European Research Area in Mediterranean Countries
ID: 43588
Start date: 2006-12-01, End date: 2008-07-31
It is envisaged that the proposed project will capitalise the investment of EU on the recently establish InPs and achieve the following aims - To realise a mapping exercise of the R Amp D national Programmes in order EC to have a view of national priorities and their possi...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 84007
Last updated on: 2009-12-22
Network for the exchange of methodologies and expertise on sustainable water management and land husbandry in the Mediterranean
ID: 43613
Start date: 2007-04-01, End date: 2009-06-30
The global objective of SOWAMED proposal is to establish a methodology exchange network and build an expertise capacity between partners in several research projects (STREP and/or CA) of the INCO-MED Program under the 4th, 5th, and 6th PCRD in the domain of sustainable land an...
Programme: FP6-INCO
Record Number: 84009
Last updated on: 2009-07-02
Analiza danych sejsmicznych z obszaru Morza Martwego
Zgromadzono i przeanalizowano prace opisujące badania zagrożenia sejsmicznego w rejonie uskoku Morza Martwego oparte na historycznych zapisach aktywności. Dzięki temu określono ramy dla dalszych, bardziej jednoznacznych badań oraz pomoc w sprecyzowaniu elementów potrzebnych do...
Programme: FP5-INCO 2
Record Number: 84554
Last updated on: 2013-05-17
Available languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PL
Esame dei dati sismici della regione del Mar Morto
Sono stati raccolti e analizzati gli studi storici sul rischio sismico della faglia del Mar Morto. L'analisi ha fornito un quadro strutturale per ulteriori e più decisive informazioni, contribuendo all'identificazione dei dati ancora mancanti per la determinazione del rischio ...
Programme: FP5-INCO 2
Record Number: 84554
Last updated on: 2008-11-10
Available languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PL
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