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Final Report Summary - PEGASE (Pan European Grid Advanced Simulation and state Estimation)
As a consequence, the organization of the operation of the ETN must adapt and become much more integrated and smart. The way the ETN operation was decoupled into national grids is far away. The ETN shall be, and already is, operated much closer to...
Programme: FP7-ENERGY
Record Number: 235933
Last updated on: 2018-07-13
Final Report Summary - VascuPlug (Bioreactive composite scaffold design for improved vascular connexion of tissue-engineered products)
The field of tissue engineering holds enormous promise in regenerative medicine. However, engineered tissues today present generally lack appropriate connexion to the vascular system of the surrounding tissue at the implantation site. Hence the tissues implanted suffer from ma...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46666
Last updated on: 2012-02-14
Final Report Summary - SPANS (Single particle nanophotonic switching - bridging electron microscopy and photonics)
The main scientific objective of this Specific Target Research Project (STREP) was to study underlying physical mechanisms of optical switching based upon single-particle phase transitions triggered by light or electron beam excitation and to investigate feasibility of constru...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46941
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
The PSY-NANO-SI project explored the possible applications of porous silicon particles containing luminescent Si nanocrystals (nano-Si particles, or nano-Si) as efficient generators of singlet molecular oxygen (1O2). The project aimed to develop novel biologically tolerable an...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46671
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - SANES (Integrated self-adjusting nano-electronic sensors)
Carbon nanotubes demonstrated in the past decade that their exciting electronic and mechanical properties make them one of the most promising materials of the 21st century. The absorption of atoms or molecules on the outer walls of carbon nanotubes can affect their properties,...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46776
Last updated on: 2011-11-03
Final Report Summary - INCOCO-S (Innovation, coordination and collaboration in service driven manufacturing supply chains)
The key aim of the project was to develop an integrated business process reference model for diverse kinds of industrial services including third party logistics (3PL), maintenance, modernisation (retrofit), packaging and quality control services which are being increasingly o...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46773
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Final Report Summary - INDOT (MOCVD technology for production of indium nitride based nanophotonic devices)
Objectives of the development of new precursors which are suitable for the growth of high quality InN QD and In-rich InGaN layers were to ensure a reliable fabrication process and to guarantee the potential for scale up synthesis and purification procedures to production level...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46949
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - N2T2 DEVICES (Novel Nano-Template Technology And Its Applications To The Fabrication Of Novel Photonic Devices)
At the time of writing the N2T2 proposal there were few if any reports of true wafer-scale nano-imprinting, as the techniques reported relied on stepping and repeating a hard master usually generated by electron beam lithography. The combination of self-ordered and highly orde...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46779
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Final Report Summary - SMARTCAP (Injectable macroporous biomaterial based on Calcium Phosphate cement for bone regeneration)
The 'Injectable macroporous biomaterial based on calcium phosphate cement for bone regeneration' (SmartCaP) project was conceived to introduce a novel concept of biomaterials for bone repair and regeneration. These biomaterials should be multifunctional, injectable, self-setti...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46676
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Final Report Summary - NANOPLASMA (Plasma Etching for desired nano-Feature shape and nano-texture: An Advanced Reactor and Simulation Software for Feedback-Loop Plasma Control)
Through plasma and surface modelling software, plasma diagnostics and improved plasma etch tool design, the 'Plasma etching for desired nano-feature shape and nano-texture: an advanced reactor and simulation software for feedback-loop plasma control' (Nanoplasma) project aimed...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 46741
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
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