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APAT is a set of advanced applications which exploit ATM high bandwidth networks to distribute video, audio and graphics. The two pilot APAT applications illustrate both the potential of such networks for distributed applications and the specific capabilities of different comm...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 23026
Last updated on: 1999-08-13
CUSTOMIZE reduces the life-cycle cost of products in a series of similar, but not identical, customised software applications. The life-cycle cost has been reduced by putting more effort into the development of the base software. Re-usability of source code, configurability an...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 23535
Last updated on: 2001-07-06
GEO is an innovative communication approach that aids common problems such as isolation of the companies, limited attendance to international conferences or events, narrow-scoped local meetings and the amount of time and stress devoted to the usual travels for meetings. The te...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 21059
Last updated on: 1998-09-01
An infrastructure based on Internet technology has been developed to enable software reuse in large and geographically distributed organisations. The adoption of reuse as a usual practice of the developers will help to create or improve a Virtual Software Corporation through n...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 20745
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
Although industrial adoption of formal methods has progressed steadily over the last twenty years, it has been slower than the state of the technology and its understanding could have permitted. The typical barriers have been a lack of knowledge on the part of potential indust...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 20763
Last updated on: 2003-01-17
Although the BESTMM project was initiated by the objective of software quality improvement, the extension to optimization of the overall process of multimedia production with all the methods and tools applied is obvious. These products are combining media (text, still and movi...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 21038
Last updated on: 1998-09-01
One important issue of any quality system is the control of defects. ISO-9000 standards ask for a structured, formal process for the control of defects. If not properly supported by computers, this process must be supported by paper forms, and normally it will become an overhe...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 21025
Last updated on: 1998-09-01
The AIRMAN project brought together a group of mid-sized airlines and several leading software industry observers. The initiative aimed to stimulate airline software suppliers to actively address the growing need for independent software solutions, based on industry-standard p...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 19728
Last updated on: 1998-01-28
A data decompression system has been developed that allows standard personal computers (PC) to interface directly with a wide range of image-setters improving productivity in the printing and media industries. The main functionality of the new Painter NT system is identical to...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 20726
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
Open microprocessor architectures are brought within the reach of small companies by a processor development platform, RANDOM, based on open technologies and standards. Although the advances in semiconductor technology has made the development of customized core-based systems ...
Programme: FP4-ESSI 2
Record Number: 20729
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
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