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Final Report Summary - COMET (Plug-and-produce COmponents and METhods for adaptive control of industrial robots enabling cost effective, high precision manufacturing in factories of the future)
Why, you might ask yourself, am I being thanked on reading this executive summary of the COMET project? Well it is simple - this summary and all previous dissemination have been executed using funds from the European Commission. We all pay taxes and...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 241198
Last updated on: 2018-11-16
Plug-and-produce COmponents and METhods for adaptive control of industrial robots enabling cost effective, high precision manufacturing in factories of the future
ID: 258769
Start date: 2010-09-01, End date: 2013-06-30
Yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s challenging and dynamic economic environment forces European high-end manufacturing industry to focus on high flexibility, high quality, reliability and low life-cycle costs and to respond quickly to changes in this environment. The high-en...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 95706
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Multi-sample epitaxial deposition chamber
ID: G5ST-CT-2001-00294
Start date: 2001-08-31, End date: 2002-04-30
The project aims to develop an European Technology to realize high performances customized reaction chambers for Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), and metal organics phase vapor systems. Mainly development is dedicated to R&D on the Epitaxy of composed semiconductors, both III-...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 61710
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Uv hardening of powder coating on plastic and other heat sensitive materials
ID: G5ST-CT-2001-00306
Start date: 2001-08-31, End date: 2002-04-30
We wish to uncover the possibilities for using UV hardening of powder coating on plastic and other heat sensitive materials. The end result should be environmentally sound powder coatings that can be applied at low temperatures. Furthermore the coating should equal the standar...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 61712
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
European medical device material thematic network
ID: G5RT-CT-2000-05011
Start date: 2001-03-01, End date: 2004-02-27
EU innovation in the development and testing of materials for biomedical use is predominantly supported through the Growth Programme, but also through the Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Programme. Fifteen projects in this area, assessed as already matching ...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 54765
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
The development of novel spider protein derived implants and devices for orthopedic surgery
ID: G5RD-CT-2002-00738
Start date: 2002-06-01, End date: 2007-11-30
This project aims at launching an entirely new concept for development of new biomaterials for medical use. We aim at developing techniques for biosynthesis of large quantities of spider silk protein, which will be modified and refined and used as a raw material for the produc...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 63412
Last updated on: 2005-12-09
Expanding the limits of single crystal superalloys through short crack fracture mechanics analysis
ID: G5RD-CT-2002-00819
Start date: 2002-12-01, End date: 2007-02-28
Advanced alloys such as single crystal super alloys are now widely used in Industrial Gas Turbines and Aero-Engines. However, due to a lack of knowledge in the understanding of failure mechanisms, it is not possible, at the moment, to take full advantage of the high temperatur...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 67142
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Research development of innovative construction uses for cardboard tubes
ID: G5ST-CT-2001-00301
Start date: 2001-08-31, End date: 2002-04-30
Cardboard tubes have great potential for structural and component uses in the construction industry; they are light, very strong and 100% recyclable. A British- Italian consortium proposes to make use of an Exploratory Award to carry out the necessary research for a CO-OPERATI...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 61711
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Weight reduction for safer, affordable passenger cars by using extra formable high strength austenitic steel
ID: G5RD-CT-2001-00454
Start date: 2001-03-01, End date: 2005-02-27
Lightweight, safe and affordable passenger cars reduce emissions and strengthen competitiveness of the European automotive industry. Therefore, the most promising materials are the optimized austenitic stainless steel grades EN 1.4301 and EN 1.4318 which have high strength and...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 55410
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Algal bioadhesives
[PROJECT] AB - Algal bioadhesives
ID: G5RD-CT-2001-00542
Start date: 2001-09-01, End date: 2005-02-27
Sessile marine organisms evolved strong underwater adhesives, which retain attached under tensional conditions, comparable to the surgical environment. Algal adhesives could serve as tissue adhesives and offer a safe and efficient alternative to painful traditional wound closu...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 58195
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
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