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Combustion of Sustainable Alternative Fuels for Engines used in aeronautics and automotives
ID: 291049
Start date: 2011-12-01, End date: 2016-11-30
This project aims at promoting sustainable combustion technologies for transport via validation of advanced combustion kinetic models obtained using sophisticated new laboratory experiments, engines, and theoretical computations, breaking through the current frontier of knowl...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 101302
Last updated on: 2017-10-06
Quantum Atom Optics
from Entangled Pairs to Strongly Correlated Systems
ID: 267775
Start date: 2011-08-01, End date: 2016-07-31
Ultra cold atoms offer unprecedented possibilities to shed a new light on intriguing quantum phenomenon that were discovered in Photon Quantum Optics (PQO), such as Hanbury Brown and Twiss correlations, Bell’s inequality tests of entanglement, Hong Ou Mandel effect, non class...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 99775
Last updated on: 2017-11-20
Polarization condEnsation for Telecom AppLications
ID: 306633
Start date: 2012-10-01, End date: 2017-09-30
"The aim of the PETAL project is to provide a radically novel approach to polarization control issues and to transform this parameter into an additional fully exploited asset rather than a problem to be avoided. While current opto-electronic technologies are principally based...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 105087
Last updated on: 2015-03-11
Statistical Physics Approach to                                    Reconstruction in Compressed Sensing
ID: 307087
Start date: 2012-10-01, End date: 2018-09-30
Compressed sensing is triggering a major evolution in signal acquisition: it indicates that most data, signals and images, that are usually compressible and have redundancy, can be reconstructed from much fewer measurements than what was usually considered necessary, resultin...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 105205
Last updated on: 2016-09-05
Three-dimensional molecular resolution mapping of soft matter-liquid interfaces
ID: 340177
Start date: 2014-02-01, End date: 2019-01-31
Optical, electron and probe microscopes are enabling tools for discoveries and knowledge generation in nanoscale sicence and technology. High resolution –nanoscale or molecular-, noninvasive and label-free imaging of three-dimensional soft matter-liquid interfaces has not bee...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 191793
Last updated on: 2016-04-11
Emerging electronic states and devices based on Mott insulator interfaces
ID: 615759
Start date: 2014-10-01, End date: 2019-09-30
Transition metal oxides possess a broad range of functionalities (superconductivity, magnetism, ferroelectricity, multiferroicity) stemming from the interplay between structural effects and electronic correlations. Recent work has revealed exciting physics at their interfaces...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 192404
Last updated on: 2017-04-03
Towards symplectic Teichmueller theory
ID: 205349
Start date: 2008-07-01, End date: 2013-06-30
"Over the last decade, homological algebra has entered symplectic topology, largely thanks to the appearance of Fukaya categories in homological mirror symmetry. Applications of these new methods and ideas are still scarce. We propose a fundamentally new approach to studying ...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 87462
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
Polariton networks: from honeycomb lattices to artificial gauge fields
ID: 335585
Start date: 2013-10-01, End date: 2018-09-30
Boson gases confined in lattices present fundamental properties which strongly depart from their 3D counterparts. A notorious example is the honeycomb lattice, whose geometry results in massless Dirac-like states. By engineering the phase picked by the particles when tunnelin...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 109538
Last updated on: 2017-12-18
Triplet supercurrents and superconducting spintronics
ID: 291442
Start date: 2012-03-01, End date: 2017-02-28
"In almost all superconductors the pairs of electrons which carry the charge are in the so-called “singlet” state in which the quantum spin of the two electrons is antiparallel. There are only a few known compounds which show so-called p-wave superconductivity in which the el...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 101563
Last updated on: 2015-09-17
Enzyme catalysis in organic solvents
ID: 279977
Start date: 2012-01-01, End date: 2017-12-31
Enzymes are remarkably efficient catalysts and their recent use in non-aqueous organic solvents is opening a tremendous range of applications in synthetic chemistry: since, surprisingly, most enzymes do not denature in these non-natural environments, new reactions involving e...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 101002
Last updated on: 2016-04-26
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