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Life Sciences (1053)
Materials Technology (167)
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Medical biotechnology (3)
Medicine and Health (517)
Meteorology (717)
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Other Energy Topics (6)
Other Technology (63)
Policies (68)
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Regional Development (114)
Renewable Sources of Energy (308)
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Social sciences and humanities (1253)
Standards (6)
Sustainable development (13)
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Transport (607)
Waste Management (333)
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The social problem of men: Violences
The recurring theme here is the widespread nature of the problem of men’s violences to women, children and other men, and in particular the growing public awareness of men’s violence against women. Men are over represented among those who use violence, especially heavy violenc...
Record Number: 34643
Last updated on: 2005-01-14
CEMP research has shown that management practice has evolved in waves, which differ significantly in terms of the dominant ideas, the focus of management attention, and the role of top managers. A first wave occurred in the period from the 1880s to the 1970s with a major expan...
Programme: FP4-TSER
Record Number: 34627
Last updated on: 2005-01-14
The focus of the CEMP programme on the creation of European management practice has of course implied that the European dimension has been central in the research. The studies undertaken have thus covered a large number of European countries. This has been accomplished through...
Programme: FP4-TSER
Record Number: 34629
Last updated on: 2005-01-14
Concerning education the programme has primarily categorised different regions in Europe according to how they have responded to the influence for the American system of management education (Engwall and Zamagni, 1998). It is those parts of Europe that first developed their ow...
Programme: FP4-TSER
Record Number: 34628
Last updated on: 2005-01-14
On Earth, diamonds usually occur in rocks derived from the Earth's mantle, e.g. kimberlites, or metamorphic rocks of mantle origin, having formed from fluids or melts in the upper mantle at very high pressures and temperatures (at depths in excess of 150km). However, diamonds ...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 24638
Last updated on: 2005-01-14
Development of a graphical user interface (GUI) for the homogeneous reflectance model MCRM2
XMCRM2 is a graphical front-end for the two-layer crop reflectance model MCRM2 (Kuusk, 2001), which should run in all Unix environments. It provides a convenient way for creating input files for MCRM2 and for viewing the results. Model parameters are inserted in the main panel...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 28949
Last updated on: 2005-01-10
Study of the roles of non-homogeneities of vegetation canopies using the existing models MCRM (Kuusk, 1995), MCRM2 (Kuusk, 2001), FRT (Kuusk and Nilson, 2000) and a new version of MCRM2
The impact of sub-pixel non-homogeneities of the maize canopy on the reflectance was studied by comparing four crop reflectance models. The influence of the vertical heterogeneity of the canopy was studied by comparing the model of homogeneous canopies MCRM (Kuusk, 1995) and t...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 28948
Last updated on: 2005-01-10
Improvement of the two-layer canopy reflectance model MCRM2 to simulate row structures of the maize canopy
A common source of sub-pixel canopy heterogeneity in the agricultural field is the seeding along rows. The rows are especially visible at the beginning of the growing season in maize fields. A new canopy reflectance model was developed, which accounts for row structures. Plant...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 28947
Last updated on: 2005-01-10
Development of tools to generate and visualize plant stands of given statistical patterns
The FRT model (Kuusk and Nilson) allows simulating the reflectance of patchy canopies, where the plants may be randomly or regularly positioned. Their position is generated by an electrostatic algorithm (Gusakov and Fradkin, 1990). Each plant is described by a stem and by a cr...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 28946
Last updated on: 2005-01-10
Integrated water resource management for important deep European lakes and their catchments areas - EUROLAKES
Objectives: The EUROLAKES project intended to improve the current strategies concerning the long-term management, short-term pollution control, and integrated monitoring regarding deep European lakes and their respective catchments areas. Project activities led finally to rec...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 31326
Last updated on: 2005-01-10
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