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Final Report Summary - TGF-MEPPA (Terrestrial Gamma Flashes-the Most Energetic Photon Phenomenon in our Atmosphere)
With the ERC funding we have built a strong engineering team for instrument development and a cross-disciplinary research group, covering all the expertise needed to establish and consolidate ourselves in the forefront of international research related to lightning discharges...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 238062
Last updated on: 2018-07-25
Final Report Summary - BYEFOULING (Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials)
Biofouling has profound effects in different branches of maritime activities. It is the major cause for maintenance expenses in ship transport, buoys, and aquaculture. The settlement of marine invertebrates on the hulls of ships results in speed reduction, increased fuel...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 231482
Last updated on: 2018-06-20
Final Report Summary - OVERHEATING (The three crises of globalisation: An anthropological history of the early 21st century)
‘Overheating’ investigated local responses to accelerated change in a number of interrelated domains, including, notably, the economy, climate and the environment, and the dynamics of identity and culture. A main premise, documented in the monograph Overheating: An...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 228282
Last updated on: 2018-05-15
Final Report Summary - CITYZEN (megaCITY - Zoom for the ENvironment)
The majority of the world's population is now living in urban areas. In particular the number of megacities (with populations over 10 million) is increasing. Megacities and regional hot spots have developed with anthropogenic emissions and changes in land usage that are likely...
Record Number: 223795
Last updated on: 2018-03-26
Final Report Summary - OCEAN-CERTAIN (Ocean Food-web Patrol – Climate Effects: Reducing Targeted Uncertainties with an Interactive Network)
The ultimate objective of the FP7 EU project OCEAN-CERTAIN (OC) has been to explore if climate change and changes in human activities in marine domain can disturb the flow and deposition of carbon in the ocean estimate, a natural carbon capture mechanism. OC has studied...
Record Number: 223038
Last updated on: 2018-03-22
Final Report Summary - REECOVER (Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from magnetic waste in the WEEE recycling industry and tailings from the iron ore industry)
The REEcover project aimed to contribute to European security of supply of Rare Earth Elements (REEs), bringing forward SME competence and business opportunities in the REE recovery area, as well as strengthening ties between SMEs and innovative research- and education...
Record Number: 202427
Last updated on: 2017-08-16
Final Report Summary - ORAQUA (European Organic Aquaculture  - Science-based recommendations for further development of the EU regulatory framework and to underpin future growth in the sector)
Organic farming is one of the most dynamic food production sectors in Europe although it still feeds a relatively young market segment. Organic agriculture is based, according to IFOAM, on the four principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. Furthermore, IFOAM defines...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 199759
Last updated on: 2017-06-20
Periodic Report Summary 2 - PREFACE (Enhancing prediction of tropical Atlantic climate and its impacts)
Project Context and Objectives: The tropical Atlantic climate recently experienced shifts of great socio-economic importance. The oceanic changes were largest in the eastern boundary upwelling systems, globally important regions for marine productivity and climate. African...
Record Number: 197916
Last updated on: 2017-05-16
Final Report Summary - ATP (Arctic Tipping Points)
Roughly 50 % of the Arctic sea ice has already melted. Indications are that we indeed experienced a “tipping point” for the ice cover, in that it will not return to a year-round cover but will change to a purely seasonal cover of first-year ice. We also investigated...
Record Number: 196514
Last updated on: 2017-03-27
Periodic Report Summary 2 - FISHBOOST (Improving European aquaculture by advancing selective breeding to the next level for the six main finfish species)
Project Context and Objectives: Only about 10% of today’s global aquaculture production use genetically improved stocks. In Europe, some breeding programmes consist of only the basic components of a breeding scheme. Hence, there is large potential to increase efficiency and...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 193369
Last updated on: 2017-01-18
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