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Chemical assay development
[REPORT SUMMARY] Chemical assay development
The banned antibacterial growth promoters were extracted from 2.5 g of feed by shaking with 10 mL of 70:30 (v:v) methanol:water + 2 % formic acid after the addition of about 20 mg of sodium sulphide. The obtained extract was submitted to a clean-up procedure by diluting 3 mL o...
Record Number: 43415
Last updated on: 2009-12-21
Analysis of rural development impact of case-study organic marketing initiatives
Our study of Organic Marketing Initiatives (OMIs) was designed to explore the extent to which the benefits of organic production are secured and multiplied for the rural environment and the communities that depend on it by marketing and processing activities. We used a compara...
Record Number: 42222
Last updated on: 2009-11-19
Use of chemical and biological additives with grass containing high levels of WSC (< 20-25% WSC/g DM) for effective conservation of WSC in ensiled (grass and grass : legume mixtures) forage
The overall objective of the project was to provide sound scientific evidence for the advantages (production and environment) of using novel ryegrasses bred for their high water soluble carbohydrate (WSC) content (using conventional plant breeding programmes) in grassland-base...
Record Number: 41543
Last updated on: 2009-10-22
Organic market dimensions in Europe
Results of two surveys of national organic markets in Europe (all EU member states, two accession countries, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, and two EFTA countries, Norway and Switzerland) in the years 2000 and 2001 provide information on organic agricultural production, cons...
Record Number: 42218
Last updated on: 2009-10-05
Development of SCAR and CAPS markers linked to zt-2, one of the genes controlling absence of tannins in faba bean
Faba beans (Vicia faba L.) have a great potential as a protein-rich fodder crop, but anti-nutritional factors such as condensed tannins reduce the biological value of their protein. Tannins can be removed from seeds by any of the two complementary genes, zt-1 and zt-2, which a...
Record Number: 44790
Last updated on: 2009-07-02
Finite element model
[REPORT SUMMARY] Finite element model
The biomechanic forces at work within the bovine claw, important factors in the development of lameness in the cow, are impossible to measure directly. We developed computer models that simulated these forces and their effects in the normal claw form and in three diseased claw...
Record Number: 42693
Last updated on: 2009-07-02
Evaluative synthesis of results
An evaluative synthesis integrated the results of the empirical, analytical and operational research and related them to the project’s conceptual framework, and to end-user and policy needs. This involved no new research but required a careful and focussed interpretation of SP...
Record Number: 43431
Last updated on: 2009-06-16
[REPORT SUMMARY] Diversification
Reducing the impact of blight with mixtures of potato varieties depended on the level of resistance of varieties in combination. Occasionally, mixture yields increased independently of effects on disease where interactions between the constituent varieties improved resource ca...
Record Number: 43422
Last updated on: 2009-06-12
Cellular defence function - Immunomodulatory activity
The aim of these tests was to study how extractive compounds affect the ability of neutrophils and other cells of the host s defence to produce reactive oxygen species in vitro. Extractives have been tested for their ability to depress overactivity of the cellular defence fun...
Record Number: 44201
Last updated on: 2009-05-07
CAPs markers to assist selection for low vicine and convicine contents in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)
The antinutritional factors (ANFs) present in Vicia spp. seeds are a major constraint to the wider utilization of these crops as grain legumes. In the case of faba bean (Vicia faba L.), a breeding priority is the absence vicine and convicine (v-c); responsible for favism in hu...
Record Number: 44789
Last updated on: 2009-03-05
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