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Basic information has been obtained on the effects of the intensified fertilization and irrigation techniques used with existing carob trees, contributing to the protection of the environment and the sustainable exploitation of mediterranean ecosystem resources. The preplantin...
Programme: FP3-AIR
Record Number: 13261
Last updated on: 1996-03-13
In locust and grasshoppers, besides optical, tactile and acoustic signals, chemical communication plays an important role between conspecific individuals. Considering the aggregation behaviour in the desert locust 'Schistocerca gregaria' (Forsk.), several physiological process...
Programme: FP3-STD 3
Record Number: 13254
Last updated on: 1996-02-27
Steps have been taken to improve the second geophysical environmental research cooperation (GER II) airborne imaging spectrometer (IS) to the European airborne remote sensing capability (EARSEC) system. The first two flights have taken place with the main purpose of debugging....
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12437
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
Research has been undertaken on the contribution of marine studies to the analysis of global change, in particular to assimilate data from satellite sewing and ship surveys and develop algorithms relating this data to processes occurring in the water column. Extensive data set...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12425
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
High resolution spectral measurements have been carried out on selected vegetation types with different biochemical content to study the optical properties and to establish a spectral signature database. 120 samples were collected, representative of both agricultural and nonag...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12436
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
A project has been set up to develop physically based models and numerical algorithms to extract quantitative information from satellite remote sensing data. The project investigated biosphere atmosphere interactions, assessing the effect of climatic variability and changes on...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12433
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
Remote sensing has been applied to the study of coastal upwelling off Northwest Africa, for describing temporal both and spatial distribution. The analysis of temporal and spatial variability of coastal upwelling has been finalized. The latest development of the analysis inclu...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12427
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
A European microwave signature laboratory (EMSL) has been established. The first experiments were carried out on different types of metallic and dielectric targets. They were aimed at the validation of theoretical models and at understanding of the dominant scattering mechanis...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12435
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
Coastal monitoring has been improved, with special reference to pollution situations, the development of methods for the analysis of remote sensing data on sea colour, and the development of bioptical algorithms relating sea colour to water composition. A radiometer is being d...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12426
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
Techniques for information extraction from radar signals have been assessed in view of remote sensing applications in forestry and land use. Several important directions were pursued including: basic interferometric techniques; advanced interferometric techniques for the ext...
Programme: JRC-REMSENS 4C
Record Number: 12434
Last updated on: 1995-06-19
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