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Aerospace Technology (5)
Agricultural biotechnology (5)
Agriculture (147)
Biotechnology (95)
Climate change and Carbon cycle research (3)
Construction Technology (2)
Coordination and Cooperation (21)
Earth Sciences (53)
Economic Aspects (433)
Education and Training (1)
Electronics and Microelectronics (18)
Energy Saving (166)
Energy Storage and Energy Transport (6)
Environmental Protection (887)
Food (61)
Forecasting (103)
Fossil Fuels (6)
Industrial Manufacture (232)
Information Processing and Information Systems (10)
Information and Media (4)
Innovation and Technology Transfer (202)
Life Sciences (310)
Materials Technology (12)
Measurement Methods (23)
Medical biotechnology (1)
Medicine and Health (245)
Meteorology (157)
Network technologies (1)
Nuclear Fission (45)
Other Energy Topics (2)
Other Technology (2)
Physical sciences and engineering (18)
Policies (15)
Radiation Protection (32)
Radioactive Waste (16)
Regional Development (6)
Renewable Sources of Energy (67)
Resources of the Sea and Fisheries (214)
Safety (350)
Scientific Research (163)
Security (3)
Social sciences and humanities (179)
Sustainable development (2)
Telecommunications (31)
Transport (127)
Waste Management (86)
Water resources and management (4)

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Final Report Summary - TWIN2GO (Coordinating Twinning partnerships towards more adaptive Governance in river basins)
Project executive summary: The management of water resources has become an important scientific and political issue. In particular, the impacts of global and climate change have received increasing attention in recent years. The failure of governance systems has been...
Record Number: 223813
Last updated on: 2018-03-27
Final Report Summary - POPP (Policies to promote sustainable consumption patterns (POPP))
EUPOPP tackles the existing knowledge deficit in the policy arena of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) with regard to the effectiveness of sustainable consumption (SC) strategies and instruments. A focus is on policies in the need areas of housing and food. EUPOPP...
Record Number: 223796
Last updated on: 2018-03-26
Final Report Summary - NANO3BIO (NanoBioEngineering of BioInspired BioPolymers)
Nano3Bio has been a huge challenge, exciting research, and a rewarding experience! We had a large international and interdisciplinary consortium of academic and industrial partners to cover all relevant aspects of the subject, to allow us to successfully and efficiently...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 223075
Last updated on: 2018-03-23
Periodic Report Summary 2 - SMARTBEES (Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee populations)
Project Context and Objectives: Global apiculture is currently facing a deep crisis, characterized by increasing parasite and pathogen pressure in combination with a rapid loss of biodiversity. In Europe, the spread of the parasitic mite Varroa destructor has led to a...
Programme: FP7-KBBE
Record Number: 222301
Last updated on: 2018-03-22
Final Report Summary - LUC4C (Land use change: assessing the net climate forcing, and options for climate change mitigation and adaptation)
1.1 Executive Summary Climate change has long been known to affect the way humans use the land, for instance through affecting crop yields, the habitability of a region or hazards such as floods and storms. Likewise, land use is a strong global climate forcing agent...
Record Number: 222948
Last updated on: 2018-03-22
Final Report Summary - QUAERERE (Quantifying aerosol-cloud-climate effects by regime)
Predictions of anthropogenic climate change are highly uncertain. They are hampered by the huge uncertainty of climate forcing, which is dominated by the uncertainty in anthropogenic aerosol-cloud-climate effects. QUAERERE (Latin for researching) aimed at a reliable...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 214063
Last updated on: 2018-01-15
Final Report Summary - EVOKES (Explosive Volcanism in the Earth System)
Explosive volcanic eruptions are a continual pulse of materials and energy into the Earth system whose dimensions can reach the global scale. Their impacts, local, regional and global, are direct consequences of the physico-chemical chain reaction of processes that accompany...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 208749
Last updated on: 2017-11-16
Periodic Report Summary 2 - SESYP (Identifying Social-Ecological System Properties Benefiting Biodiversity and Food Security)
Food security and biodiversity conservation are two of the most prominent challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century. Traditionally, these two societal objectives have been considered to involve a trade-off. This is because the production of more food is believed...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 204206
Last updated on: 2017-10-24
Final Report Summary - MARSOL (Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as a Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought)
The main objective of the MARSOL project was to demonstrate that Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is a sound, safe and sustainable strategy that can be applied with great confidence. With this, MARSOL aimed to stimulate the use of reclaimed water and other alternative water...
Record Number: 202556
Last updated on: 2017-08-16
Final Report Summary - HERCULES (Sustainable futures for Europe’s HERitage in CULtural landscapES: Tools for understanding, managing, and protecting landscape functions and values)
The HERCULES project strived for the empowerment of public and private actors to protect, manage and plan for sustainable cultural landscapes at local, national and Pan-European scales. HERCULES had the goal to increase understanding of drivers, patterns and social-ecological...
Record Number: 201644
Last updated on: 2017-07-26
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