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Final Report Summary - GLOW (New weather-stable low gloss powder coatings based on bifunctional acrylic solid resins and nanoadditives)
Driven by the strict European VOC (Volatile Organic Content) legislation and the growing demand for high performance organic coatings, the coatings industry has recognized the significant technological and economic benefits that can gain from (a) replacing conventional with...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 228590
Last updated on: 2018-05-15
Final Report Summary - IMODE-CKD (Clinical and system –omics for the identification of the MOlecular DEterminants of established Chronic Kidney Disease)
Publishable Summary iMODE-CKD integrated multi-disciplinary expertise in proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, pathology, and clinical science from leading academic and industrial investigators, establishing a unique training platform on biomarker research...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 228643
Last updated on: 2018-05-15
Final Report Summary - FUEGO (Global Network of Excellence for Research on Adipose Tissue Plasticity and Human Thermogenesis)
An alarmingly high incidence of obesity and cardio-metabolic disease has substantially contributed to Europe having one of the highest mortality rates for adults aged 15–59 in the world. Cardio-metabolic disease (CMD) is not only associated with reduced life expectancy, but...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 226978
Last updated on: 2018-05-02
Final Report Summary - REQUA (Regional climate-air quality interactions)
The main objective of the REQUA project (Regional climate-air quality interactions) is the strengthening of the research partnership, through staff exchanges and networking activities, between research groups in Europe, the USA and China working in the field of regional...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 226816
Last updated on: 2018-05-02
Final Report Summary - SEDITRANS (Sediment transport in fluvial, estuarine and coastal environment)
SEDITRANS was a Multi-ITN (Multipartner Networks for Initial Training) under the Marie Curie Actions of the 7th Framework Programme. The Network consisted of six (6) academic and four (4) industrial beneficiaries (see the attached table with the contact information of each...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 227094
Last updated on: 2018-04-30
Final Report Summary - COMANDER (Converged Optical-Mobile Access Networks with Dynamic and Efficient Resource allocation)
PUBLISHABLE SUMMARY PROJECT MC-IAPP COMANDER Project website Project Coordinator Prof. Nikos Pleros Project LOGO COMANDER aims at bringing together experts from the industry and academia with the long-term goal of delivering a state of the art...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 222256
Last updated on: 2018-03-23
Final Report Summary - ECCO-MATE (Experimental and Computational Tools for Combustion Optimization in Marine and Automotive Engines)
The inter- and intra-sectorial ECCO-MATE ITN aims to create a research and training platform on fuel injection technologies and strategies for both marine and light-duty automotive diesel engines. The project investigates and generates new knowledge and establishes relevant...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 222227
Last updated on: 2018-03-22
Final Report Summary - LOVE-TO-HATE (Pesticides: Felicity or curse for the soil microbial community?)
The LOVE-TO-HATE project ( is an Industry – Academia Partnership and Pathways project which developed a research and training network of industrial (AEIFORIA srl., ENOVEO sarl) and academic partners (University of Thessaly, University of Patras...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 219204
Last updated on: 2018-02-27
Final Report Summary - TS (Topological Solitons, from Field Theory to Cosmos)
Nonlinear field theories, which possess soliton solutions as part of their energy spectrum, are of great interest in mathematical physics. A soliton is a finite-energy solution of a nonlinear partial differential equation, which is stabilized by a conserved charge associated...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 213939
Last updated on: 2018-01-16
Final Report Summary - NEUROMICS (Exploring the changing genomic landscape during neural fate acquisition in Drosophila)
Western societies are faced with a variety of human conditions of neurological nature spanning from psychological disorders to cancer. Many developmental genes are implicated in these disorders, therefore understanding their complex function during development can potentially...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 212804
Last updated on: 2017-12-18
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