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ID: RI1B0252
Start date: 1988-07-01, End date: 1992-10-31
This project succeeded in developing a new brace technique for nickel alloys. By means of a pack-cementation process, nickel allows were converted into a braze material by coating them with boron, silicon, or boron plus silicon (B, Si, or B+Si), all melting point depressing e...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6385
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0233
Start date: 1988-09-01, End date: 1992-08-31
Having a control system for process parameter supervision and adaptation, positioning, orientation, and data documentation is a key element for welding automation. Connecting the various systems for exact, synchronized control was an important process. The development of mi...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6401
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0242
Start date: 1989-01-01, End date: 1991-12-31
New innovative processing methods have been developed for thermoplastic matrix composites using the filament winding technique. This technique has already proved to be cost effective for thermoset matrix composites and combined with the easier processing of the thermoplastics...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6298
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0097
Start date: 1986-03-01, End date: 1990-06-30
A generally low degree of automation in the shipbuilding industry, means that the new systems developed within this project offer great potential for future development. Results could be of significant interest for further developments in industrial manufacturing, especially ...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6430
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0230
Start date: 1988-12-01, End date: 1992-11-30
The goal of this project was to develop a new concept for a small-diameter vascular prosthesis which interacts with the human biological system. This research developed and tested a special polymer type and coated it with cells from the human umbilical vein to encourage its c...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 18080
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0205
Start date: 1988-04-01, End date: 1991-03-31
The objectives of the project are as follows: a study of spray drying, including characterisation of starting powders and powders produced; a study of the plasma densification process in air, underwater, and in a controlled atmosphere; the production of these characteristics ...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6288
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0196
Start date: 1988-05-01, End date: 1992-10-31
A technology for dehydration acetic acid and esters by pervaporation was developed by researchers in this project. Applications have been tested and delivered for commercial use. In certain cases, this process is better than conventional technologies. Dehydration of formic ...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6399
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0258
Start date: 1989-01-01, End date: 1993-09-30
Major improvements in status of the art of electron beam (EB) welding on large thickness chromium molybdenum steels have been achieved. Beam measurements experiments were performed with a computer controlled electron beam diagnosis system, eliminating the need for complex a...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6390
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0180
Start date: 1988-04-01, End date: 1991-03-31
The synthesis and complete characterisation of a new family of linear copolymers (LCP) has been carried out. LCPs act well as processing aids. Preliminary results on extruded or injection moulded samples indicate that it is possible to orient LCPs into transition processing (...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6290
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
ID: RI1B0217
Start date: 1988-08-01, End date: 1992-07-31
This project achieved its goal of improving the general base of information about the plasma polymerization process. Coloured and transparent PVC types show poor UV and weathering stability, even when special stabilizers are added. Definition of a coating which increases plas...
Programme: FP1-BRITE
Record Number: 6373
Last updated on: 1992-04-14
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