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ID: 1670
Start date: 1989-09-01, End date: 1992-03-31
The formal verification of software (programs and protocols) and hardware (chip design) is growing in importance as systems become more complex and production processes more expensive, but testing is widely recognised as being insufficient to guard against malfunctioning. For ...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8240
Last updated on: 2012-07-24
ID: 1659
Start date: 1989-05-01, End date: 1992-02-29
The long-term objective of PDCS was to produce a design support environment well populated with tools and ready-made system components that fully supports the notion of the predictably dependable design of large real-time fault-tolerant distributed system s. The Action aimed t...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8217
Last updated on: 2012-07-24
ID: 1680
Start date: 1989-05-01, End date: 1992-04-30
In the foreseeable future most microelectronic semiconductor materials for IT devices will be produced by thin-film growth techniques under vacuum conditions and from gas, liquid and solid processes. Perfecting the thin-layer interface is very important in making possible high...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8255
Last updated on: 2012-07-24
ID: 1679
Start date: 1989-08-01, End date: 1992-01-31
Current knowledge-based systems lack the capabilities to perform a number of functions which are generally attributed to human experts: competence assessment, knowledge-base maintainance, sensible explanation, performance validation, adaptive interaction,etc. It is often state...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8254
Last updated on: 2012-07-24
ID: 1677
Start date: 1989-02-01, End date: 1992-01-31
The DYANA Action aimed to answer the following questions: -What declarative theory of grammar (extending from phonetics to discourse) would best support incremental interpretation and top-down information flow? -How can existing unification-based grammar formalisms be develo...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8253
Last updated on: 2012-07-24
ID: 1654
Start date: 1990-12-01, End date: 1992-12-31
This project continues the work of ESPRIT projects 955 and 2617 (CNMA) in the specification, implementation, validation and demonstration of newly emerging standard communications protocols for use in industrial environments.
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 18116
Last updated on: 2012-07-19
ID: 2104
Start date: 1989-08-21, End date: 1992-08-20
The goal of the POLYGLOT project was to demonstrate, through research, the feasibility of the multi-lingual voice interface (input/output) for a number of commercially promising applications. The objective of the project was to integrate phonetic, lexical, and syntactic knowle...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8369
Last updated on: 2011-10-12
ID: 1707
Start date: 1989-06-01, End date: 1995-11-30
Rewritable drives are expected to become the major source of revenue for optical system manufacturers within the next five years. Intensive work has been done by the consortium during its first period of activity to establish a European technology for optical media, heads and ...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8507
Last updated on: 2011-10-12
[PROJECT] CIVIS - CIM Vision System
ID: 5194
Start date: 1990-12-01, End date: 1993-05-31
The objective of this project was to develop an integrated, flexible and robust CIM vision system. It is optimised as an entire system rather than optimizing the individual system components alone. The vision system is designed for performing quality assurance inspections in a...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8806
Last updated on: 2001-05-15
ID: 2103
Start date: 1989-07-01, End date: 1991-06-30
The project dealt with the development of sophisticated and advanced technology equipment, methods and software techniques, which make it possible to pick up, process and produce colour images well suited to cover most of the present and future needs in multiple application en...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8614
Last updated on: 2001-05-15
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