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Emulators of Quantum Frustrated Magnetism
ID: 323714
Start date: 2013-10-01, End date: 2017-06-30
Among complex systems with emergent behaviours, frustrated quantum magnets are predicted to exhibit novel, highly nontrivial phases of matter that may play a major role in future and emerging quantum technologies such as the synthesis of innovative materials for energy harnes...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 108662
Last updated on: 2017-04-25
Collective Adaptive System SynThesIs with Non-zero-sum Games
ID: 601148
Start date: 2013-04-01, End date: 2016-04-30
CASSTING will develop a novel approach for analysing and designing collective adaptive systems in their totality, by setting up a game theoretic framework. Here components are viewed as players, their behaviour is captured by strategies, system runs are plays, and specificati...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 106296
Last updated on: 2017-04-22
Spring Schools of Theoretical Computer Science
ID: HPCF-CT-1999-00173-03
Start date: 2002-04-29, End date: 2002-05-03
The aim of the "Ecoles de Printemps d'Informatique Theorique" (i.e. Spring Schools of Theoretical Computer Science) is the presentation of new and ongoing research in Theoretical Computer Science. The main goals of the Spring Schools are: 1) Presentation of theoretical fundam...
Record Number: 58032
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Summer School in Analysis
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00103-01
Start date: 2003-06-18, End date: 2003-06-28
The outcome of this proposal will be a series of three very high level Euro Summer Schools in Mathematical Analysis. The principal aim of the series is the training of young researchers from the EU and Associated States, to provide them with the information and contacts to fur...
Record Number: 63765
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Advanced Environments and Tools for High Performance Computing
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00153-02
Start date: 2003-06-14, End date: 2003-06-18
Two conferences are proposed on the subject of problem-solving environments. A problem-solving environment (PSE) is a computational environment that provides and manages, under the direction of a user, all the resources needed to solve a particular class of problems. Research ...
Record Number: 58011
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Isaac Newton institute for mathematical sciences Euro workshops in mathematical sciences framework five series three
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00105-02
Start date: 2002-12-09, End date: 2002-12-20
The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences is an international research institute, which covers the broad spectrum of mathematical sciences. During 2002 the Institute will hold a number of interdisciplinary programmes and it is intended that one Euro Workshop will ta...
Record Number: 63766
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
European Conference on Model Oriented Design and Analysis
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00045-02
Start date: 2004-06-14, End date: 2004-06-13
The design of experiments (DOE) is a part of statistics that provides tools for efficient experimentation. Al- though the subject started in an agricultural context, it is nowadays being applied in many areas, both in science and in industry. Due to increasing competition, DOE...
Record Number: 58024
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
International congress of mathematical physics Lisbon 2003
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00368-01
Start date: 2003-07-24, End date: 2003-07-25
Lisbon has been chosen by the Executive Committee of the IAMP for the organization of the next International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP) in July 2003. Every 3 years, this Congress describes the advance of knowledge, worldwide, in Mathematical Physics and the new pr...
Record Number: 63908
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Modular Curves and Abelian Varieties
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00386-01
Start date: 2002-07-15, End date: 2002-07-18
The object of this proposal is the organization of a conference on the topic of modular curves and modular abelian varieties. This topic belongs to Number Theory, one of the oldest areas in Mathematics, and has been an important source of research for the last few decades. Man...
Record Number: 59816
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Poisson Geometry, Deformation Quantisation and Group Representations.
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00180-02
Start date: 2003-06-18, End date: 2003-06-22
Three major and interrelated subjects are in the background of the meetings: Poisson brackets were introduced to study the 3-body problem in celestial mechanics. Their study gained renewed interest in the second half of the twentieth century and POISSON GEOMETRY is now an acti...
Record Number: 63847
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
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