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ID: MTR176
The objective of the project is to produce a photomask linewidth calibration standard covering the dimensional range 0.20 um up to 50 um, with a 95% confidence level uncertainty in the calibration of lines of at least +/- 0.02 um in the 0.2 um up to 10 um range, and of at le...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24431
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: MTR103
Worldwide over 1012 soldered joints are made annually in the production of electronics for the consumer, industrial and military markets. About 1/3 of these are made within the Community. With increasing manufacturing automation the cost of identifying and replacing a defect...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24367
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: MTR189
Optical lithography in integrated circuit fabrication presently consists of about 20 successive mask steps. Up to now no calibrated two dimensional photomask position standard (2DPPS) traceable to the SI unit of length exists; metrological institutes can supply only one dime...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24439
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: RM253
Creep is the continuous plastic deformation of a material under stress, generally at high temperatures, which will eventually lead to a component or structure becoming so weakened that it is unable to support the applied load. In view of the slowness of the process creep tes...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24411
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: MTR117
Type K (nickel-chromium/nickel-aluminium) thermocouples are widely used in industry for measuring temperature in the range 200 C to 1000 C but drift by more than 5 C in the range 300 C to 500 C due to metallurgical ordering and disordering (the hysteresis effect). Nickel-chr...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24444
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: MTR140
As it is not possible in the present state of the art to determine the total emissivity in a practical way in routine laboratories, the problem of importance for industry is to know the correlation between hemispherical emissivity and normal emissivity. Industry actually det...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24385
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: MTR114
Multiple wavelength interferometry is a technique used in mechanical metrology laboratories throughout the world for the absolute measurement of length of gauge blocks and length bars. Current instruments use cadmium and mercury gas discharge lamps to provide the measuremen...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24448
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: RM274
Together with the nitro PAHs, the oxygenated derivatives are considered to be amongst the major sources of potential carcinogens. More than 50 oxygenated PAHs have been detected, eg in the gaseous effluents from the combustion of brown coal briquettes. PAHs present in drinki...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24477
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: MTR136
In order to prepare an intercomparison of national measurement standards for low differential pressures, a generator of defined pressure differences has been designed, developed and tested. The pressure generator can produce 15 differential pressures in the range of 0 to 1000...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24381
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
ID: RM268
The project originated from industrial requirements for better characterisation of refractories. Results from ASTM methods and from methods preferred in Europe were said to differ by up to 30%. This made it impossible to design correctly furnaces for metallurgy and other app...
Programme: FP2-BCR 4
Record Number: 24467
Last updated on: 1995-03-15
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