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Doped carbon nanostructures as metal-free catalysts
ID: 280658
Start date: 2012-04-01, End date: 2015-03-31
"This project is primarily aimed at generating new fundamental knowledge and fostering new prospects and frontiers in the field of catalysis for the sustainable production of chemicals and commodities. Rethinking important metal-based catalytic processes in the light of new t...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 103070
Last updated on: 2015-03-10
CO-ORdination by Best Practice exchange and Knowledge building by the NMP - NCPs in an Enlarged European Research Society
ID: 11800
Start date: 2004-12-01, End date: 2008-11-30
The COOREERS project is proposed by consortium of 25 partners). The project will proceed in 7 work-packages interrelated to each other, 6 of them are focused on improvement of the competencies of the organisations being contact points on national level by networking and best p...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 76422
Last updated on: 2012-02-13
NanoMembranes against Global Warming
[PROJECT] NANOGLOWA - NanoMembranes against Global Warming
ID: 26735
Start date: 2006-12-01, End date: 2011-11-30
The ultimate way to reduce CO2 emissions as required by the Kyoto protocol from the main contributors, the fossil fired power stations, is by CO2 capture. Existing methods (adsorption, non selective cooling) are not very cost- and energy effective: up to 25% consumption of the...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 81551
Last updated on: 2011-05-12
Towards optimised chemical processes and new materials discovery by combinatorial science
ID: 515792
Start date: 2005-03-01, End date: 2010-02-28
TOPCOMBI aims at developing alternative catalytic synthesis routes answering demands in chemical production by applying high throughput and miniaturization methodologies. The IP will focus on topics stemming from European citizens urging needs for efficien t use of sustainable...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 75746
Last updated on: 2010-06-18
Advanced nanostructured surfaces for the control of biofouling
ID: 11827
Start date: 2005-03-01, End date: 2010-02-28
All structures in aquatic environments suffer from aggressive biofouling, which is economically costly, and its control imposes environmental burdens through release of biocides. Current non-biocidal coatings are unsuitable for most applications. Hence t here is a 'technology ...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74846
Last updated on: 2010-03-31
Multicomponent nanostructured materials for separation membranes
ID: 505633
Start date: 2004-03-01, End date: 2007-02-28
It is the objective of COMPOSE to develop new materials with predefined physical and chemical characteristics. The membranes developed will be based on new understanding of materials phenomena, especially in the Nan orange. COMPOSE focuses on the development of novel Nan struc...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74399
Last updated on: 2010-01-20
Europe - China Cooperation in Green Electronics Production Research
ID: 33349
Start date: 2006-10-01, End date: 2008-09-30
The objective of this project is to establish improved collaboration in the research between China and Europe in the area of Green electronics. The project aims at mobilisation of crucial actors and stimulation of high-level debate and cooperation on the development and promot...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 81246
Last updated on: 2010-01-18
Expanding membrane macroscale applications by exploring nanoscale material properties
ID: 500623
Start date: 2004-09-01, End date: 2009-02-28
Membrane science has a leading role in the expected innovative processes and it is now considered as one of the main strategic axes of research activities in all developed countries. Europe could reorganize smartly the membrane research and knowledge supply chain in the Europe...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74351
Last updated on: 2009-12-14
IN Sltu study and DEvelopment of processes involving nanoPORous Solids
ID: 500895
Start date: 2004-10-01, End date: 2009-03-31
Nonporous materials play an important role in chemical industry. They are abundantly used as catalysts, catalyst supports and membranes and form the basis of new technologies, involving energy storage, novel reactions etc, mainly due to their unique structural or surface prope...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 74353
Last updated on: 2009-12-04
Novel Nanoscale Devices based on functional Oxide Interfaces
ID: 33191
Start date: 2006-09-01, End date: 2009-08-31
The Nanoxide project aims to investigate, control and exploit the properties of interfaces between iso-structural functional oxides for the realization of new nanosized electronic and opto-electronic devices. The project will study interfaces between transition metal oxides wi...
Programme: FP6-NMP
Record Number: 80020
Last updated on: 2009-07-09
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