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Full-scale engineered barriers experiment in crystalline host rock phase II
ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00016
Start date: 2000-09-01, End date: 2004-12-31
FEBEX II consists in the extension of the operational phase of the FEBEX (I) insitu test until the year 2001, prior to proceeding to its dismantling. It is also planned the extension, until quite-saturation, of the heating phase of the mock-uptest; design and construction of a...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 58656
Last updated on: 2017-12-22
Spent fuel stability under repository conditions
ID: FIKW-CT-2001-00192
Start date: 2001-11-01, End date: 2004-10-31
This project aims to develop and validate a reliable and robust model to predict the radionuclides (RN) release rate as a function of time for the spent nuclear fuel (RN source term), which can there after be used in the performance assessment exercises for repository systems....
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 58448
Last updated on: 2017-12-22
A thematic network on gas issues in safety assessment of deep repositories for nuclear waste
ID: FIKW-CT-2001-20165
Start date: 2001-09-01, End date: 2004-02-29
Repositories for nuclear waste are expected to produce gases as a result of a variety of chemical, microbiological and radioactive decay processes. Assessment of the impact of the generation and migration of gas is recognised to be an important element of any safety case for t...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 58150
Last updated on: 2017-12-22
Interlaboratory radiochemical analysis comparison on a primary waste flux
ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00006
Start date: 2000-09-01, End date: 2002-08-31
The aim of the project is to perform an interlaboratory radiochemical analysis campaign on the destructive measurement of radiotoxic and long-lived radionuclides in a primary waste flux from NPP's. An accurate knowledge of the inventory of these radionuclides is a critical par...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52865
Last updated on: 2017-12-22
Ecological and human health risk assessments of antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs found in the environment
ID: 265346
Start date: 2011-01-01, End date: 2014-03-31
A consortium of world-class scientists from both academia and industry has been assembled to assess the risks to wild animals and humans posed by environmental exposure to pharmaceuticals. Their expertise will be supplemented by an advisory group consisting of representatives...
Record Number: 97551
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Fate and effects of cytostatic pharmaceuticals in the environment and the identification of biomarkers for and improved risk assessment on environmental exposure
ID: 265264
Start date: 2011-01-01, End date: 2014-12-31
CytoThreat addresses the need to assess the risks of pharmaceuticals released in the environment, focusing on cytostatic drugs because they are highly hazardous compounds due to their genotoxic properties which may cause unexpected long term effects. Their release in the envi...
Record Number: 96703
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Merc sorb is a low cost sulphur impregnated activated carbon sorbant for reducing mercury air emissions
ID: 32245
Start date: 2007-03-01, End date: 2009-08-31
We have identified a cost effective way to reduce mercury emissions from crematoria power stations and incinerators below current levels reducing European societal Amp health costs by over 485 million while delivering 80 million p a in end user savings. This market opportunity...
Programme: FP6-SME
Record Number: 85590
Last updated on: 2011-05-06
A large scale in situ demonstration test for repository sealing in an argillaceous host rock - phase II
ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00010
Start date: 2000-09-01, End date: 2005-03-31
An essential item for the long-term safety of high-level waste underground repositories is the backfilling and sealing of access shafts and connection galleries. The main objective of RESEAL II is to demonstrate on a representative scale that the sealing of a shaft...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52868
Last updated on: 2004-11-23
Selective extraction of minor actinides from high activity liquid waste by organized matrices
ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00088
Start date: 2000-10-01, End date: 2004-01-31
High activity waste, which contain long life minor actinides, are currently vitrified for their storage in geological formation. In order to decrease the potential toxicity of this wastes the selective removing of these minor actinidesis studied in order to destroy them by...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52389
Last updated on: 2004-09-08
Migration case study: transport of radionuclides in a reducing clay sediment
ID: FIKW-CT-2000-00008
Start date: 2000-09-01, End date: 2003-08-31
For deep geological disposal of radioactive waste in clay, it is essential to consider the mobility of radionuclides. This proposal addresses the migration behaviour of radionuclides (U, Pu, Se and Am), identified as critical by Performance Assessment, in a reducing clay envir...
Programme: FP5-EAECTP C
Record Number: 52867
Last updated on: 2004-09-08
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