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Magnetic bearings for smart aero engines
ID: G4RD-CT-2001-00625
Start date: 2002-01-01, End date: 2006-09-30
This project will focus on the design of AMBs for aero-engines, and will include the development of load-sharing bearings, the design and demonstration of AMBs for high-temperature environments and the dynamic modelling of the complete system, consisting of the rotor, AMBs, co...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 60138
Last updated on: 2006-06-13
Laser vibrometry network : systems and applications
ID: G6RT-CT-2002-05093
Start date: 2002-06-01, End date: 2005-05-31
LAVINYA aims at improving and disseminating the knowledge on laser techniques for vibration measurement with reference to both laser Doppler vibrometers and full field techniques. The partnership, composed of universities, research centres, instrument manufacturers and end-use...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 63645
Last updated on: 2005-12-09
Manufacturing and modelling of fabricated structural components
ID: G4RD-CT-2000-00217
Start date: 2000-03-01, End date: 2004-02-29
The European aerospace industry is one of the Community's leading industrial strengths, competing successfully in world markets and ensuring the employment of some hundred thousand persons across Member States. The proposed project seeks to enable a step change in the process ...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 51712
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Small turbomachinery research
ID: G1RD-CT-2000-00151
Start date: 2000-03-01, End date: 2003-07-01
Use of small turbomachine (air processing, turbochargers, and small gas turbines) has been hindered by poor performance. Since highly efficient turbomachines have been demonstrated at larger powers, it can only be surmised that the conventional practice of scaling down designs...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 51329
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Optimisation of spray forming of advanced high quality components of superalloys for aeronautic applications (OPTISPRAY)
ID: G4RD-CT-2002-00762
Start date: 2002-06-01, End date: 2005-12-31
Spray forming is an advanced technology of fabrication of components for the aerospace industry. It provides a route for the production of components with enhanced properties, and is the only way to process some high temperature capability super alloys that could lead to more ...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 62825
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Ultra low emission vehicle - transport advanced propulsion ii
ID: G3RD-CT-2002-00839
Start date: 2002-11-01, End date: 2005-10-31
The ULEV TAP II proposal is submitted in response to the Growth 2001 call for proposals. It addresses the objectives of KA 3: Land Transport and Marine Technologies with respect to "Critical technologies for road and rail transport" and "New land transport vehicle concepts enh...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 64915
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Computional fluid dynamics for combustion
ID: G4RD-CT-1999-00075
Start date: 2000-02-01, End date: 2003-10-31
The efforts of the last ten years of jet engine development has lead to increased pressure and temperature levels of the thermodynamic process in order to increase the engine efficiency. The problems arising from this development is a significant increase in pollutant emission...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 51706
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Pln-based improved combustion for low emission
ID: G3RD-CT-2000-00283
Start date: 2001-01-01, End date: 2004-03-31
Comparing other injection systems (Unit Injector, Common Rail) the characteristic inj. pressure curve during the main inj. of a PLN-System is demonstrating the best trade-off regarding efficiency and emissions. Concerning the Particulate/NOx- trade-off there is a large potenti...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 53097
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Modelling of low emissions combustors using large eddy simulation (MOLECULES)
ID: G4RD-CT-2000-00402
Start date: 2001-05-01, End date: 2004-10-31
Increasing air transport has increased pressure to reduce aero engine pollutant emissions. More efficient aero engines with lower CO2 emissions show higher combustor pressures and temperatures leading to increased NOx emissions, so new low NOx combustor technology is required....
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 55382
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
Cost-effective rotordynamics engineering solutions (CERES)
ID: G4RD-CT-1999-00074
Start date: 2000-03-01, End date: 2004-08-31
This project aims to achieve advances in the critical technology area of aircraft engine design, in particular in engine rotor dynamics. By improvements to engine dynamics models and their validation, the work will contribute to solutions of the rotor dynamics problems which a...
Programme: FP5-GROWTH
Record Number: 51705
Last updated on: 2005-04-12
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