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Euroconferences on Immunobiology of Transplantation: from basic science to clinical applications
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00312-01
Start date: 2002-12-13, End date: 2002-12-15
The transplantation of cells, tissues & organs is a rapidly evolving field of scientific knowledge & medical practice worldwide. Clinical applications include haemopoietic malignancies, immuno-deficiencies & organ failure. Transplantation also holds strong therapeutic potentia...
Record Number: 59785
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Three-Dimensional Sensory and Motor Space
ID: HPCF-CT-2000-00217-02
Start date: 2003-04-05, End date: 2003-04-09
Over the last years there have been more and more hints that the perception of motor actions might be supported by mechanisms that are very similar to those in control of these actions. This would make sence as both the perceptual and the control tasks share a large part of th...
Record Number: 58003
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
ID: HPCF-CT-2001-00016-02
Start date: 2003-08-23, End date: 2003-08-28
Biofilms are sessile communities of microbial cells that develop on surfaces in virtually all aquatic ecosystems. It is now recognised that biofilms are the predominant form of microbial growth in natural and engineered ecosystems and, thus, are of great practical importance. ...
Record Number: 59667
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Translational Research in Autoimmunity
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00232-01
Start date: 2003-04-03, End date: 2003-04-05
Chronic autoimmune diseases represent a clinically heterogeneous group of disorders that are characterized by the presence of a chronic inflammatory process localized in various organs and tissues. Though distinct types of autoimmune diseases are rare, they collectively affect...
Record Number: 63856
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
6th Jenner meeting on glycobiology and medicine
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00250-01
Start date: 2002-09-14, End date: 2002-09-17
Glycobiology is a relatively young field of research, which especially in the last decade, has shown to be of immense importance in health and disease. At the proposed High-Level Scientific Conference on Glycobiology and Medicine, the most recent findings will be presented reg...
Record Number: 63946
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Fundamentals of modern methods in biocrystallography
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00320-01
Start date: 2002-10-10, End date: 2002-10-19
This course will be focused on Macromolecular Crystallography, by developing the fundamental theoretical concepts of Crystallography and illustrate these by tutorial and practical sessions. This is particularly important due to the rapid development of this field and also due...
Record Number: 63950
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
13th International Conference on Cytochromes P450: biochemistry, biophysics, and drug metabolism
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00150-01
Start date: 2003-06-29, End date: 2003-07-03
Cytochromes P450 (abbrev. P450) are the most important enzymes of metabolism of drugs, environmental pollutants and many toxicants as chemical carcinogens (e.g. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines). On the other hand, the P450s are also involved in many vital functi...
Record Number: 63837
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
FENS summer school on peripheral nervous system: from biology to disease
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00483-01
Start date: 2003-06-29, End date: 2003-07-06
The FENS Summer Schools are designed to provide advanced training to young researchers. We propose a school to be organized by the Portuguese Society for Neurosciences. The course is intended for advanced PhD students or post docs who already have a scientific record. A total ...
Record Number: 63926
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
NMR in Molecular Biology
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00296-02
Start date: 2005-06-11, End date: 2005-06-15
The description of the molecular basis of the activity of biological molecules is deeply linked to the knowledge of their three dimensional structure at the atomic level. This is why a lot of effort has been dedicated to the development of techniques, which allow the determina...
Record Number: 63901
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
The seventh annual international conference on computational molecular biology - recomb 2003
ID: HPCF-CT-2002-00488-01
Start date: 2003-04-10, End date: 2003-04-13
"The Seventh Annual international Conference on Computational Molecular Biology - RECOMB 2003" brings together researchers and students working in the area of bioinformatics or computational biology. As its name indicates, this is the seventh in a series of annual, internation...
Record Number: 63927
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
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