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ID: 9806
Start date: 1995-02-01, End date: 1996-04-30
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 32316
Last updated on: 1996-08-05
ID: 9502
Start date: 1994-04-01, End date: 1997-03-31
EUROPA aims to agree (and separately from this Working Group activity, implement) a parallel C++, ||C++, whose form will be agreed among its members. ||C++ will be supported by major European suppliers and will aim at becoming a de facto standard. The objective is not to stand...
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 22138
Last updated on: 1994-06-21
ID: 9122
Start date: 1994-02-01, End date: 1997-01-31
The broad aim of the working group is knowledge-integration around the theme of a general framework for IVEs and their applications. The aim is therefore to study a number of domains at the foundation. These include: - the software system at the core of IVEs, including issue...
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 22051
Last updated on: 1994-06-21
ID: 6707
Start date: 1992-07-24, End date: 1995-07-23
The aim of PARFORCE is to provide and evaluate formal tools for the development of parallel programs and their efficient execution. The first objective is to apply the emerging techniques for formal program analysis and manipulation to solve important problems relating to para...
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 9100
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 6975
Start date: 1992-09-01, End date: 1995-08-31
Inverse mapping from speech sounds to articulatory gestures is a difficult problem, primarily because of the nonlinear, many-to-one, relationship of articulation to acoustics. So far, it has been an ill-posed problem, in the mathematical sense. Due to recent outstanding progre...
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 9119
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 6643
Start date: 1992-07-01, End date: 1995-06-30
The toolset will comprise: a runtime system consisting of: - an explicit message passing system - event monitor - debugger cross development tools: - a High Performance FORTRAN (HPF) transformations system - an HPF symbolic debugger - a post-mortem performance anal...
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 8920
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 6756
Start date: 1992-09-15, End date: 1995-09-14
The workbench includes: parallelisation aids to identify and evaluate candidate parallelisation schemes, and to optimise kernel algorithms for direct solution methods and for the process-processor mapping program analysis tools. Migration of representative kernels of stat...
Programme: FP3-ESPRIT 3
Record Number: 8911
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
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