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Scientific support: the European science and technology observatory (ESTO), the IPTS report and networks and knowledge management
ID: 2034
Specific Objectives - Guarantee specific expertise in as wide a scientific area as possible and provide the means of executing pre-specified tasks and ad-hoc work under request (ESTO network); - Alert/Inform the policy maker/decision maker/expert through a monthly publicatio...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64676
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
ID: 1958
Specific Objectives: 1. Achieve a sufficiently qualified Ra-226 target production and post-irradiation chemical processing (Ac-225/Ra-226 separation and purification) to allow regular irradiation (e.g. bi-monthly) of about 30 mg Ra-226 (each time) at the cyclotron at FZK to p...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64604
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Reliability of biomedical devices (REMED)
ID: 1960
Specific Objectives Subproject 1: Functional Materials and Surfaces Research on innovative surface engineering processes and surface analysis - to control the biochemical interaction of materials with living tissue and - to measure potential risks associated to surface contam...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64606
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Telematic systems for the eu pharmaceutical regulatory activity (ETOMEP)
ID: 1982
Specific Objectives The objectives of the project are: Define and deliver to the EU pharmaceutical regulatory sector a suite of pilot innovative systems: - Eudranet2; - Unified Tracking System; - Medicine Information Network 1 (Mine1). These systems will improve the overall ...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64631
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Minimally invasive medical systems (mimes)
ID: 1959
Specific Objectives - Development, validation and testing of optical-fibre sensors for in-vivo diagnostics/monitoring; - Development of fluorescence based medical diagnostic techniques; - Validation of photon-tissue interaction model for bio-medical imaging; - Development of p...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64605
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Life sciences and the impact on society
ID: 1962
Specific Objectives in 2002: Work on request by User DGs, in close collaboration with IHCP and IRMM: - Prospective study of Agricultural Production Modes: conventional, integrated, organic (on request by DG AGRI); - Prospective support to the new EU Nutritional policy under d...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64608
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Boron neutron captures therapy (BNCT)
ID: 1957
Specific Objectives The 4 main objectives are: - To develop, improve and maintain the BNCT facility at the HFR; - To support the present clinical trial and future trials; - To improve and validate treatment planning techniques; - To further improve BNCT through research and ...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64603
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
Biomedical CRMs for clinical diagnostics
ID: 1961
Specific Objectives - To provide a vital link for building a common reference system in the clinical chemistry sector not only within the European Research Area but also rather on an international level. - To provide clinical CRMs to users world-wide as required to support int...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64607
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
European network for medical radioisotope and beam research (EMIR)
ID: 109
Specific Objectives - Continue setting-up the network and defining task groups and specific activities/projects of each. Eight task groups are currently identified: Radioisotope availability, Transport & containers, Quality Assurance, Radioprotection and radioecology, New rad...
Programme: FP5-JRC
Record Number: 64667
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
List retrieved on: 2018-06-22
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