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ID: FAIR979521
Start date: 1997-09-01, End date: 1999-08-31
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 55299
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: FAIR969043
Start date: 1996-07-24, End date: 1997-05-23
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 55121
Last updated on: 2001-05-14
ID: FAIR989114
Start date: 1998-12-01, End date: 2000-12-01
As in all crustaceans, crabs need to shed their old shell in order to grow. The European green crab Carcinus maenas L. is an abundant but relatively low valued crustacean in its hard form. On the contrary, soft crabs have a high market value for game fishing as well as for hum...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 55105
Last updated on: 2001-05-11
ID: FAIR961111
Start date: 1996-11-01, End date: 1999-12-31
- To investigate the biochemical changes and mechanisms causing the aggregation of proteins in frozen fish in order to predict and control fish quality in terms of texture, nutrition and food safety. - To bridge gaps in our knowledge of the interaction of myofibrillar and coll...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 34975
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
ID: FAIR984156
Start date: 1998-12-01, End date: 1999-11-30
The main objective of this concerted action is to organise two meetings of three days each in order to formulate a new research proposal, which describes the steps required to obtain and compile the data with which to carry out stock assessments of a limited number of elasmobr...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 48216
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
[PROJECT] EFAN - European fish ageing network
ID: FAIR961304
Start date: 1996-12-01, End date: 2000-11-30
To develop a competent network of laboratories with the capacity to develop, conduct and coordinate collaborative research and training, and thereby ensure that age determination becomes a reliable element of the assessments underlying the scientific management advice on fishe...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 36101
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
ID: FAIR961615
Start date: 1996-12-01, End date: 1999-11-30
This Concerted Action aims to increase communication between scientists and industry so as to achieve more effective long term control of sea lice on salmon farms. It includes (a) the establishment of a register of persons interested in sea lice biology and control, (b) a com...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 36120
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
ID: FAIR984231
Start date: 1998-12-01, End date: 2000-11-30
To investigate the comparative reliability and consistency of some recent approaches for estimating the uncertainty attached to alternative actions for harvesting fish from natural populations, and identify those quantities of interest to management for which uncertainty can b...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 48233
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
ID: FAIR973402
Start date: 1998-01-01, End date: 2001-12-31
Otolith contours were used mainly for discriminating between stocks (4, 5, 6, 7, 8). However, we could show in a preliminary otolith shape analysis with eel that 92 % of the specimen were aged correctly with a maximum error of two years (9). The mean age was 6 years. These pre...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 48044
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
ID: FAIR973374
Start date: 1998-04-01, End date: 2000-11-30
One of the most basic steps in the advice for fishery management is the assessment of the strength of the year classes before they entry the fishery. It seems that the strength of the recruitment of many pelagic species is already established 5 or 6 months after the spawning (...
Programme: FP4-FAIR
Record Number: 48040
Last updated on: 2001-03-26
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