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CORDIS reúne toda la información sobre los proyectos financiados por Horizonte 2020 , y ahora también resúmenes de los informes relacionados. Se puede descargar toda la documentación de estos proyectos en el Portal de datos abiertos de la UE .

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Empower public authorities to establish a long-term strategy for mobilizing investment in the energy efficient renovation of the building stock
ID: 695169
Fecha de inicio: 2016-03-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-08-31
40% of all energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union arise in private and public buildings. Thus, major advancements have to be made in this sector to reach the EU’s climate and energy targets. Energy-efficient buildings will also contribute to the...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 200118
Last updated on: 2017-01-16
Make Net Zero Energy refurbishments for houses a mass market reality
ID: 696186
Fecha de inicio: 2016-03-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-12-31
TRANSITION ZERO will make Net Zero Energy (E=0) refurbishments a market reality in the UK, France and The Netherlands. Energiesprong brokered a deal between housing associations and builders to refurbish 111,000 houses to E=0 levels in the Netherlands of which the roll-out...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 200167
Last updated on: 2016-08-23
Integrative energy planning of urban areas: collective learning for improved governance
ID: 649883
Fecha de inicio: 2015-03-01, Fecha de finalización: 2017-11-30
URBAN LEARNING gathers capitals and other large cities across Europe facing the common challenge of considerable population growth while being committed to significantly reduce fossil energy consumption and CO2 emissions. E.g. Stockholm grew by more than 12.000 people / a...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 194631
Last updated on: 2017-06-10
Incentives through Transparency: European Rental Housing Framework for Profitability Calculation of Energetic Retrofitting Investments
ID: 649656
Fecha de inicio: 2015-03-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-07-31
The current level of energy efficiency investments in the rental housing sector is in danger of missing EU policy targets. RentalCal aims to develop models and tools for assessing the commercial viability of energy efficiency retrofitting in the rental housing stock. This will...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 194612
Last updated on: 2017-02-20
SPP Regions
[PROYECTO] SPP Regions - SPP Regions
ID: 649718
Fecha de inicio: 2015-04-01, Fecha de finalización: 2018-03-31
The SPP Regions project is aimed at promoting strong networking and collaboration at both the European and sub-national regional level on sustainable and innovative procurement (SPP/PPI), to help promote and embed capacity building and knowledge transfer. At the regional level...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 194604
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
Developing geothermal and renewable energy projects by mitigating their risks.
ID: 818232
Fecha de inicio: 2018-10-01, Fecha de finalización: 2021-03-31
Geothermal project development has several risky components, the most important one being the resource risk. This concerns mainly deep geothermal projects, but some shallow geothermal open systems could also be included in this category of projects. Beyond exploration, the...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.2.
Record Number: 218678
Last updated on: 2018-11-16
Tackling the environmental concerns for deploying geothermal energy in Europe
ID: 818242
Fecha de inicio: 2018-11-01, Fecha de finalización: 2021-04-30
The advantages of using geothermal for power production and H&C are little known. Recently, deep geothermal energy production in some regions is confronted with a negative perception, and a special attention from some decision-makers, in terms of environmental performance...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.2.
Record Number: 218069
Last updated on: 2018-11-13
Promoting the penetration of agrobiomass heating in European rural areas
ID: 818369
Fecha de inicio: 2019-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2021-12-31
AgroBioHeat project aims to produce a mass deployment of improved and market ready agrobiomass heating solutions in Europe. Agrobiomass is a large, underexploited and indigenous resource, which can support the achievement of the European Energy and Climate targets, while...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.2.
Record Number: 218233
Last updated on: 2018-11-13
SYncronising EEA to CoM and other EU initiatives (SCIS-EIP, CEN-ISO,S3...) about energy and climate policies to accompany more and more tuned municipalities in their  2030 performance
ID: 785033
Fecha de inicio: 2018-05-01, Fecha de finalización: 2021-04-30
CoME EASY - Syncronising European Energy Award (EEA) to CoM and other EU initiatives about energy and climate policies to accompany more and more tuned municipalities in their 2030 performance.To facilitate municipalities in adopting energy and climate EU targets, CoME EASY...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 217579
Last updated on: 2018-10-31
Putting regions on track for carbon neutrality by 2050
ID: 784974
Fecha de inicio: 2018-03-01, Fecha de finalización: 2021-02-28
The project aims to mobilize and guide public authorities in defining long-term energy policy priorities, promote multi-level governance and support regional and local authorities in developing, financing and implementing ambitious integrated sustainable energy and climate...
Programme: H2020-EU.3.3.7.
Record Number: 213563
Last updated on: 2018-02-22
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