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CORDIS reúne toda la información sobre los proyectos financiados por Horizonte 2020 , y ahora también resúmenes de los informes relacionados. Se puede descargar toda la documentación de estos proyectos en el Portal de datos abiertos de la UE .

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Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas (MESMA)
ID: 226661
Fecha de inicio: 2009-11-01, Fecha de finalización: 2013-10-31
The increasing pressures upon the marine realm call for a well planned approach of further spatial development of this area. An ecosystem-based approach to fisheries, the increasing demand for sustainable energy, coastal defence systems, building materials and safe transport ...
Record Number: 92591
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
European Foresight Platform - supporting forward looking decision making
ID: 244895
Fecha de inicio: 2009-10-01, Fecha de finalización: 2012-12-31
The Coordination and Support Action “EFP European Foresight Platform – supporting forward looking decision making” aims at consolidating the infor-mation and knowledge base on foresight in Europe and internationally. It rein-forces foresight actions initiated under the 6th Fr...
Programme: FP7-SSH
Record Number: 93859
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
INtegral BIOmathics Support Action
[PROYECTO] INBIOSA - INtegral BIOmathics Support Action
ID: 269961
Fecha de inicio: 2011-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2011-12-31
Research roadmaps in computational systems biology, autonomic computing and communications target the enrichment of knowledge and technology transfer between (analytic) life sciences and (synthetic) engineering sciences. However, we claim that it is impossible to make signifi...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 97395
Last updated on: 2017-04-13
Complex Systems for an ICT-enabled Energy System
ID: 248804
Fecha de inicio: 2009-11-01, Fecha de finalización: 2011-02-28
The European Energy Policy aims at achieving three core objectives: sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. The achievement of these objectives requires a profound transformation of the energy system that will imply a huge and coordinated effort across several...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 92306
Last updated on: 2017-04-13
Evolving Platform for Improving Living Expectation of Patients Suffering from IctAl Events
ID: 211713
Fecha de inicio: 2008-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2011-12-31
Epilepsy is the commonest serious brain disorder in every country, and probably the most universal of all medical disorders. In Europe six million people currently have epilepsy and fifteen million will have epilepsy at some time of their lives. Currently nearly 30% of these ...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 85390
Last updated on: 2017-04-19
Advanced Arterial Hypotension Adverse Event prediction through a Novel Bayesian Neural Network
ID: 217049
Fecha de inicio: 2008-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2011-07-31
Hypotension (sub-normal blood pressure) adverse events (AE's) occur commonly in patients managed in intensive care and high dependency units. Health care technology which could reduce the burden of these events by as little as ten percent would equate to at least five billion...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 85474
Last updated on: 2017-04-19
Guard, Anticipation and Prediction. A new approach to Health Risk Prediction
ID: 216563
Fecha de inicio: 2008-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2008-12-31
The project GAP focuses on the area of « Patient safety and risk assessment » of the challenge 5 of FP7-ICT. It addresses, via specific workshops and studies, all aspects of risk prediction, evaluation of risk factors, evaluation and management tools designed for the preparat...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 85457
Last updated on: 2017-04-12
Exploring and understanding adverse drug reactions by integrative mining of clinical records and biomedical knowledge
ID: 215847
Fecha de inicio: 2008-02-01, Fecha de finalización: 2012-01-31
Serious adverse effects resulting from the treatment with thalidomide prompted modern drug legislation more than 40 years ago. Post-marketing spontaneous reporting systems for suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) have been a cornerstone to detect safety signals in pharmaco...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 85424
Last updated on: 2017-04-19
Detecting and Eliminating Bacteria UsinG Information Technologies
ID: 217139
Fecha de inicio: 2008-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2012-06-30
In about half a century of antibiotic use, unexpected new challenges have come to light: fast emer-gence of resistances among pathogens, misuse and overuse of antibiotics; direct and indirect re-lated costs. Antimicrobial resistance results in escalating healthcare costs, inc...
Programme: FP7-ICT
Record Number: 85484
Last updated on: 2017-04-20
Indicators for evaluating international performance in service sectors
ID: 244709
Fecha de inicio: 2010-01-01, Fecha de finalización: 2012-12-31
The objective of the INDICSER project is to develop indicators which provide information on the performance of service sectors in the EU. At the heart of the project are concerns that such indicators should be valid in terms of concepts, measurement methods and feasibility bu...
Programme: FP7-SSH
Record Number: 93023
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
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