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CORDIS reúne toda la información sobre los proyectos financiados por Horizonte 2020 , y ahora también resúmenes de los informes relacionados. Se puede descargar toda la documentación de estos proyectos en el Portal de datos abiertos de la UE .

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ID: A 1039 - 8104 8304 8521
The purpose of this feasibility study is to propose a framework and guidelines for a fully integrated computer-assisted analysis and intervention environment, based on multi-dimensional imaging (i.e. image data visualization and analysis) and knowledge information from differe...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17032
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
[PROYECTO] COVIRA - COmputer VIsion in RAdiology
ID: A 1011 (8324)
The COVIRA project (COmputer VIsion in RAdiology) aims at a substantial improvement of the quality of computer assistance in the clinical Neurosciences by providing a fundamental image interpretation tool which is a prerequisite for efficient computer assistance in neuroradiol...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17054
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A1015 (8311)
The current proposal has been made to launch pre-normative research activities which should lead to a standard communications protocol for computerized electrocardiography. Having defined standards for ECG measurement and diagnostic programs with support of other EC Programmes...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17029
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A1007 (8107)
Design of hardware and software interfacing between pathologists/microscopes/laboratory and computer network, taking into account a functional model of medical practice and laboratory activity in cyto- and histopathology.
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17048
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A 1033 (8014)
The primary objective is to improve the communication of Laboratory Information between hospitals, doctors and laboratories.
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17052
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A1014 (8217)
Implementation of Hospital Information Systems (HIS)s at large hospitals is becoming more and more a routine. Initially restricted to accounting tasks, many of these systems are now capable to build and manage complete medical records. This new generation of HISs improves the ...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17051
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A 1016 (8517)
The overall objective is to develop an assessment framework for information systems and technologies in medicine, which will facilitate decision-making at local, national and international levels. The key aspects of benefits and costs will be identified along with social, org...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17056
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A (8518)
The effective and efficient operation of any production system is dependent upon the development of product-specific managements support systems. In the health care system there is a need for a common language to relate clinical evaluation and resource use. This proposal is di...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17059
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A1013 (8204)
The long term overall objective of the project is the exploitation of MBI in order to make a contribution to the evaluation and improvement of medical practice. Indicators of effectiveness as well as quality of care are needed. In order to reach this objective information need...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17049
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
ID: A 1032 (8421)
This project focuses on the medical and technical aspects of Telemedicine Applications which optimize the Quality of Care and Cost Benefits for the monitoring and management of patients in remote places (e.g. in home, health centre/small hospital or primary care sites). THE P...
Programme: FP2-AIM 1
Record Number: 17026
Last updated on: 1990-07-27
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