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Les informations sur les projets et maintenant aussi les résumés de rapports Horizon 2020 sont disponibles sur CORDIS. Tous les projets H2020 peuvent être téléchargés depuis le Portail des données ouvertes de l'UE .

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ID: 80010208
Date de début: 1992-01-01, Date de fin: 1995-01-01
The implementation of plant quarantine in Europe, and in particular, the definition of protected zones, has special significance in the diversified agricultural system for which the EC is preparing. Ready access to data on the geographical distribution or organisms that have ...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 125
Last updated on: 1992-10-07
ID: 80010003
Date de début: 1991-02-01, Date de fin: 1993-02-01
In the current context of the agricultural crisis, Organic Farming (OF) worth to be studied in order to develop in the EEC a more ecological agriculture approach, cheaper and not so intensive as currently practiced. The principal objective is to establish scientific basis o...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 111
Last updated on: 1994-01-20
ID: 80010019
Date de début: 1991-02-01, Date de fin: 1994-02-01
The object of the project was to develop biological means of control of fungal foliar diseases as an alternative to chemical means and concentrated on selected plant diseases of high economic significance. Biological control agents using Acremorium alernatum, Penicillium spec...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 166
Last updated on: 1992-10-07
ID: 80010030
Date de début: 1991-03-01, Date de fin: 1995-03-01
Research in Perugia has been focussed on collecting and assessing the genetic resources of central Italy for various forage species (agronomic value, genetic structure of the populations, floral biology). Priority was given to research on birdsfoot trefoil, white clover, sain...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 157
Last updated on: 1992-10-07
ID: 80010107
Date de début: 1991-09-01, Date de fin: 1994-09-01
Deer farming is a relatively new agricultural enterprise. Basic information about breeding, feeding and management has been collected through research projects within the EC and in New Zealand. Deer are highly seasonal animals, always calving in early summer. Deer farm man...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 145
Last updated on: 1994-01-20
A cropping system for cereals which will significantly reduce the chemical inputs in the form of fertilizers and pesticides has been developed. Work has shown that spores of Mycosphaerella graminicola (Septoria tritici) can be significantly impeded during dispersal by a clover...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 6638
Last updated on: 2001-07-30
Knowledge based support systems, to assist crop management decisions, are required to ensure that the treatments applied are economically advantageous and environmentally acceptable. The knowledge base may contain predictive models for various aspects of crop management such a...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 6610
Last updated on: 1998-01-13
ID: 80010201
Date de début: 1991-09-01, Date de fin: 1995-09-01
The aim of this programme is to breed the genetic resistance to Sharka disease in the cultivated Prunus spp. This disease causes severe losses on the crops of stone fruits and occurs at different levels in the most of the European countries, where hundreds millions trees are ...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 130
Last updated on: 1992-10-08
[RÉSUMÉ DE RAPPORT] Apricot improvement
The object of the research was to improve the marketing possibilities for apricot as a fresh fruit and in food processing. Selected apricot varieties were exchanged between the participants for assessment of their performance on a range of sites, for exploitation of the existi...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 8243
Last updated on: 1998-03-12
Sharka disease causes severe losses in crops of stone fruits and occurs at different levels in most European countries, where hundreds of million of trees are infected. There is a need for cultivars resistant to the disease and also better methods of detection of the disease t...
Programme: FP2-CAMAR
Record Number: 8257
Last updated on: 1998-01-19
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