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Les informations sur les projets et maintenant aussi les résumés de rapports Horizon 2020 sont disponibles sur CORDIS. Tous les projets H2020 peuvent être téléchargés depuis le Portail des données ouvertes de l'UE .

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CAMARC-II is aimed at establishing a European network of clinical and research centres, strictly interconnected with the main manufacturers of the relevant instrumentation and with important end-users like national and private insurance companies, which will allow a standardis...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20934
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
[RÉSUMÉ DE RAPPORT] COVIRA: computer vision in radiology
COVIRA provides advanced computer assisted image analysis of information coming from different techniques such as computerised tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MRI), digital subtracted angiography (DSA) and positron emission tomography (PET). Image registration, segmentati...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20937
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
The KAVAS-2 project was motivated by the growing data and information flow in medicine. To handle this data flow, protocols and procedures are needed that: reduce the data and information generation; improve the quality of patient management; reduce the costs in health care se...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20955
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
TELEGASTRO aims to gather, organise and encapsulate the state of the art knowledge in several aspects of digestive and abdominal disorders. The model used to arrive at this product is generalisable to other medical domains as a true template. The tuning of the system has been ...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20971
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
The main objective of BEAM has been to develop a set of telematics applications assisting clinical engineers in dealing with the overall management of medical technology. The BEAM system aims to exploit the information produced continuously in different countries, to access an...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20932
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
The objective of OBSQID was to identify and validate European quality development indicators in perinatal care to allow exchange of data at regional, national and transnational levels through the use of telematic and computerised information systems. A simple software tool has...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20962
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
The core of TANIT has been the development, implementation and evaluation of pilot telematics systems for 2 example environments: anaesthesia and the intensive care unit (lCU). The TANIT pilot systems are demonstrating an increase in the effectiveness of departments by support...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20970
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
MARGOT has developed a patient record model and a set of computer-based tools to edit and manage patient records, and to exchange and integrate information between systems. MARGOT takes advantage of object oriented technologies to provide an immediate and flexible method of im...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20957
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
Electrocardiography (ECG), which is very widespread, is the only practical investigation method which allows early detection of coronary heart disease at a minimum cost. Recent advances in clinical research indicate that the human and financial cost-effectiveness could be impr...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20963
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
The DILEMMA project has addressed clinical, technical and methodological questions in the design and implementation of aids for medical decision making and patient management. Technically, the project has focused on the use of logic programming and knowledge-based methods for ...
Programme: FP3-AIM 2
Record Number: 20940
Last updated on: 1998-08-26
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