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Results of experimental and modelling research have been obtained on changes in physiological processes at the plant and crop level, and in the carbon fluxes in a cropped soil, to assess the changes that might occur when the projected changes in climatic conditions become effe...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 13255
Last updated on: 1998-02-10
1. Origin of methylmercury exposure: Marine food is the main source of methylmercury, concentration usually required to be below 0.5 µg/g. White seabream from the Azores contained mercury concentrations up to 24.6 µg/g in the 20-30 cm size range. 2. Population groups at risk: ...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20609
Last updated on: 1998-07-08
Tensiometers in floodplain sites on the Rivers Isere, Drac and Drome, monitored groundwater conditions associated with fluctuations in river level. The aim was to explore evidence for changing floodplain recharge given intensive water management (eg for hydro-power). The proje...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20914
Last updated on: 1998-08-18
This is a multidisciplinary project involving biology, chemistry and hydrodynamics. This team has developed a 3-dimensional model to simulate estuarine hydrodynamics and sediment transport. This software package allows the study of zones of maximum turbidity, areas where the e...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 18596
Last updated on: 1998-01-27
A high resolution, continental-scale databank of palaeoclimatic information for the last 130,000 years has been developed. A number of lines of evidence are available to support this project, from a range of sedimentary or geomorphological features which originate during parti...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20527
Last updated on: 1998-07-01
In terms of the 1 to 1000 year time scale, coral growth in the southern part of the studied area (limit of the intertropical climatic belt (eg Réunion island) is slower than that reported from the northern part, closer to the equator (eg Mayotte, Seychelles). Variability of th...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20796
Last updated on: 1998-07-29
An assessment was made of the performance of surface treatments for the conservation of masonry monuments, and, further, the risks of failure and damage were evaluated and methods for the prediction of the performance were developed. In the three European countries involved in...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20347
Last updated on: 1998-06-09
Airborne measurements were made of some of the most critical stratospheric constituents during the Second European Stratospheric Arctic and Mid-latitude Experiment (SESAME). Two high sensitive sub-millimetre sensors working at 500 GHz and at 625/650 GHz using superconducting s...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20346
Last updated on: 1998-06-09
Co-ordinated experimental investigations took place at sites across Europe and mathematical modelling was employed to assess impacts of future climatic changes (in particular carbon dioxide enrichment) and associated stresses (in particular tropospheric ozone) on major compone...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 21107
Last updated on: 1998-09-08
The project has focused on the study of natural factors related to degradation and erosion of slopes in Italy and Greece. In the Greek area the seismicity is also an additional factor triggering slope instability. Hierarchical clustering of the results of a principle compone...
Programme: FP3-ENV 1C
Record Number: 20351
Last updated on: 1998-06-12
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