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Les informations sur les projets et maintenant aussi les résumés de rapports Horizon 2020 sont disponibles sur CORDIS. Tous les projets H2020 peuvent être téléchargés depuis le Portail des données ouvertes de l'UE .

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ID: ENV4970586
Date de début: 1998-04-01, Date de fin: 2002-12-31
Programme: FP4-ENV 2C
Record Number: 44476
Last updated on: 2003-01-21
EISCAT_3D: A European three-dimensional imaging radar for atmospheric and geospace research (Preparatory Phase)
ID: 261967
Date de début: 2010-10-01, Date de fin: 2014-09-30
EISCAT_3D is a next generation incoherent scatter radar system for high-latitude atmosphere and geospace studies that will be built in northern Fenno-Scandinavia. The facility will consist of multiple large phased-array antenna transmitters/receivers in three countries, compr...
Record Number: 96087
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Enabling CLimate Information Services for Europe - ECLISE
ID: 265240
Date de début: 2011-02-01, Date de fin: 2014-05-31
Climate and climate change has high impact on society. Better understanding and improved prediction skills of future weather and climate is vital to protect lives, goods and infrastructures. Different sectors of society and infrastructure are more or less designed to accommod...
Record Number: 97417
Last updated on: 2017-05-26
Extreme Weather impacts on European Networks of Transport
ID: 233919
Date de début: 2009-12-01, Date de fin: 2012-05-31
The project addresses the EU policies and strategies on climate change with particular focus on extreme weather impacts on EU transportation system. The goal of EWENT is to estimate and monetise the disruptive effects of extreme weather events on the operation and performance...
Programme: FP7-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 93531
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
Implementation of a dynamical spatial distribution of snow in a rainfall-runoff model
A new snow distribution model has been implemented in the Swedish HBV model. The new distribution model takes into account that the spatial distribution of snow changes during the snowy season, from a very skewed at the start of the accumulation period, a steadily decreasing s...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 42325
Last updated on: 2006-08-01
Freshwater Flux through Fram Strait during 2003-2005 as measured during ASOF-N
Background and result description: Fram Strait is the main source of freshwater for the Greenland and Iceland Seas. Along with Davis Strait it is also the main provider of freshwater for the Labrador Sea and North Atlantic. This freshwater export from the Arctic to subarctic s...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 43977
Last updated on: 2007-06-18
Heat Flux in the Western Barents Slope measured from 2003-2005 during ASOF-N
The Barents Sea influences the Arctic Ocean both by providing a pathway for Atlantic Water (AW), but also as a shallow shelf sea producing dense water through cooling and brine release. The Barents Sea provides intermediate water down to 1200 m depth in the Arctic Ocean, and, ...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 43978
Last updated on: 2007-06-18
North Atlantic diatom-based SST reconstructions
Diatom-based sea surface temperatures (SST) have been reconstructed for 3 Nordic Sea cores (MD95-2011, LO0914, MD99-2269) using different transfer function methods: Imbrie & Kipp regression (I&K); Maximum Likelihood (ML); and weighted averaging partial least square (WA-PLS). T...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 43925
Last updated on: 2007-04-20
Increased robustness of marine transfer functions
Palaeoenvironmental conditions can be reconstructed from microfossil assemblages with a range of numerical techniques, known as transfer functions, which use information on the modern relationship between species distributions and the environment. Many taxonomic groups have be...
Programme: FP5-EESD
Record Number: 43917
Last updated on: 2007-04-20
Stratosphere-Climate Links With Emphasis On The UTLS
ID: 505390
Date de début: 2004-05-01, Date de fin: 2009-08-31
Reliable prediction of the future evolution of the ozone layer and surface UV is urgently required as a basis for informed decisions by European policy makers. The state of the ozone layer over the next decades will depend on the interplay between climate changes and the impac...
Programme: FP6-SUSTDEV
Record Number: 74263
Last updated on: 2010-10-22
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