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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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Complex Patterns for Strongly Interacting Dynamical Systems
ID: 339958
Data di inizio: 2014-02-01, Termine: 2019-01-31
This project focuses on nontrivial solutions of systems of differential equations characterized by strongly nonlinear interactions. We are interested in the effect of the nonlinearities on the emergence of non trivial self-organized structures. Such patterns correspond to sel...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 111533
Last updated on: 2016-06-27
Final Report Summary - INVPROBGEOMPDE (Inverse Problems in Partial Differential Equations and Geometry)
Inverse problems research concentrates on the mathematical theory and practical interpretation of indirect measurements. Applications are found in virtually every research field involving scientific, medical, or industrial imaging and mathematical modelling. Familiar examples...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 223000
Last updated on: 2018-03-23
Creative Little Scientists: Enabling Creativity through Science and Mathematics in Preschool and First Years of Primary Education
ID: 289081
Data di inizio: 2011-10-01, Termine: 2014-03-31
Science and mathematics education is important for Europe. Creativity and innovation are equally recognised as important, and their strengthening in and through education as a vital priority. Importantly, also, creativity holds a strong position in early childhood. The Creati...
Programme: FP7-SIS
Record Number: 102395
Last updated on: 2016-03-18
EXTreme ICing Environement
[PROGETTO] EXTICE - EXTreme ICing Environement
ID: 211927
Data di inizio: 2008-06-01, Termine: 2012-05-31
More recent aircraft incidents and accidents have highlighted the existence of icing cloud characteristics beyond the actual certification envelope defined by the JAR/FAR Appendix C, which accounts for an icing envelope characterized by water droplet diameters up to 50 μm (so...
Programme: FP7-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 94132
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
Effective methods in rigid and crystalline cohomology
ID: 204083
Data di inizio: 2008-10-01, Termine: 2013-09-30
The purpose of the project is to develop methods for computing with the rigid and crystalline cohomology of varieties over finite fields. The project will focus on two main problems. First, the fast computation of the Galois action. Second, the effective computation of the cy...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 87451
Last updated on: 2017-05-29
Elliptic Pdes and Symmetry of Interfaces and Layers for Odd Nonlinearities
ID: 277749
Data di inizio: 2012-01-01, Termine: 2016-12-31
The scope of this project is to perform an analytical study of the geometric properties of the interafaces arising in the scalar Ginzburg-Landau-Allen-Cahn equation, with particular attention to possible 1D symmetries. Also, we would like to analyze the cases in which the ope...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 100779
Last updated on: 2017-06-26
Combinatorial methods in noncommutative ring theory
ID: 320974
Data di inizio: 2013-06-01, Termine: 2018-05-31
As noted by T Y Lam in his book, A first course in noncommutative rings, noncommutative ring theory is a fertile meeting ground for group theory (group rings), representation theory (modules), functional analysis (operator algebras), Lie theory (enveloping algebras), algebrai...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 107667
Last updated on: 2016-11-28
ID: 246953
Data di inizio: 2010-04-01, Termine: 2015-07-31
Physics provides descriptions of the world at many different scales, yet the relations between such descriptions are poorly understood. In particular, since Boltzmann and Einstein, we interpret the world we see as the product of the microscopic dynamics of a large number of a...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 93472
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
More Integrated Systems Safety Assessment
ID: 212088
Data di inizio: 2008-04-01, Termine: 2011-06-30
The increase of aerospace systems complexity has meant that by using existing methods for systems development, industry has reached a barrier to innovation and a risk to the competitiveness of products. This is characterised by an increasing time to market for new technologie...
Programme: FP7-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 89636
Last updated on: 2017-06-05
Extremal Combinatorics
[PROGETTO] EC - Extremal Combinatorics
ID: 239696
Data di inizio: 2010-01-01, Termine: 2015-12-31
Combinatorics forms a challenging and fundamental part of pure mathematics, but is in the happy position of being relatively accessible to a wider audience. One of its most exciting and rapidly developing branches is Extremal Combinatorics, which has a wide range of direct ap...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 93222
Last updated on: 2017-05-25
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