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Le informazioni sui progetti di Orizzonte 2020 e ora anche le relative sintesi delle relazioni sono disponibili su CORDIS. Tutti i progetti H2020 possono essere scaricati dal Portale Open Data dell'UE .

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ID: IN-97-SC.2170
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-09-30
PLATFORM'S main objective is to implement a more cost-effective way to manage freight-traffic flows through the enhancement of terminal management and the integration of existing telematic systems. Such an approach is expected to make rail transport competitive for long- and e...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44692
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-97-SC.2237
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-06-30
The main objective of the LOGIQ project is to identify actors in the decision-making process and to provide information on underlined criteria and constraints employed by them for using intermodal transport. The three variables identified as fundamental in affecting decision ...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44714
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-97-SC.2047
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-03-31
The TACTICS project will demonstrate that loading bays and the intermodal transfer of palletised goods can be fully automated, electronically managed and networked into computer based logistics within existing transport systems. A functional system will be constructed to verif...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44665
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: RO-95-SC.0042
Data di inizio: 1996-09-12, Termine: 1999-01-11
The general objective of STAIRS is to propose a framework for the harmonisation of European in-depth road accident and injury databases, and to produce recommendations for: - specification of the core data; - data collection methods and procedures; - data quality assurance - v...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 34456
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-97-SC.2115
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-06-30
Intermodality, i.e. interconnecting transport systems, which have to provide door-to-door services, is a key issue of the European Union Common Transport policy. It should allow for a more efficient and sustainable European Transport System, exploiting the characteristics of e...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44683
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: RA-95-SC.0312
Data di inizio: 1996-01-01, Termine: 1998-03-31
The project is a part of a set of interlinked activities aimed at the development of a European wide common concept for a railway safe signalling system (ERTMS). In particular, the project covers the main industrial activities relating to the system design and prototyping. Th...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 32457
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-97-SC.2174
Data di inizio: 1997-12-12, Termine: 2000-06-11
To solve current communication problems during cargo tracing, the project "OCTOPUS" will create a common and open distributed method for adaptive and pro-active tracing of communication chains and tracking of general cargo through all sections of the logistic chain, from facto...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44695
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-97-SC.2198
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-12-31
Precise IT intends to contribute to the optimisation of intermodal terminal operations, addressing those operational problems that can be put in relation to the position of ITUs and/or vehicles on the terminal. Building on already existing and assessed technologies, the main o...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44701
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: IN-97-RS.2222
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-06-30
The main objective of Quatre Mains Intermodal (QMI) is to develop decision support tools for: - the development of economic regions towards regions with a high potential for economic and logistic activities (economic-logistic transfer regions), closely connected towards prese...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44708
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
ID: RO-97-RS.2112
Data di inizio: 1998-01-01, Termine: 1999-02-28
The objective of the project is to show the potential for reduction in casualties of vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists, motorised two wheelers and young drivers, by technical non restrictive-measures. These measures will be compared with other measures to enable...
Programme: FP4-TRANSPORT
Record Number: 44681
Last updated on: 2002-10-21
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