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Freshly baked breads with improvement of nutritional quality and low energy demanding for the benefit of the consumer and of the environment.
ID: 36302
Data di inizio: 2006-10-01, Termine: 2009-11-30
This project concerns the BAKE OFF TECHNOLGY (BOT), which consists in producing bakery goods from industrial refrigerated or frozen bakery goods and to retail them in downtown baking shops OR to make them available in supermarket for domestic baking. Bread consumption, which i...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 80040
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
Establishment of European-Asian Network for the development of strategies to enhance the sustainable use of Sea Buckthorn
ID: 16106
Data di inizio: 2005-08-01, Termine: 2007-08-31
Sea Buckthorn is native to Europe and Asia and has been known and used by humans for centuries. The major benefits of the plant lie in - the richness of bio-active compounds (vitamins, minerals/micro elements, high valuable oils and secondary plant constituents), - its potenti...
Programme: FP6-FOOD
Record Number: 75488
Last updated on: 2013-03-26
GMES network of users
[PROGETTO] GNU - GMES network of users
ID: 30956
Data di inizio: 2007-10-01, Termine: 2010-09-30
Currently, the GMES user community is fragmented and incoherent, and, thus, unable to issue common and consolidated statements. GNU intends to initiate a structuring of the GMES demand side by setting up an independent platform that will become the focal point and mouthpiece o...
Programme: FP6-AEROSPACE
Record Number: 86467
Last updated on: 2012-10-17
Monitoring the marine environment in Russia, Ukraine and Kasakhstan using satellite synthetic aperture radar
ID: 31001
Data di inizio: 2007-07-01, Termine: 2009-06-30
Satellite SAR images from ERS and ENVISAT and RADARSAT will be used to develop and validate retrieval algorithms for ocean and sea ice parameters. The SAR data will be analysed in combination with optical and IR data, met-ocean data from models and in situ platforms. The main ...
Programme: FP6-AEROSPACE
Record Number: 86468
Last updated on: 2010-03-02
ID: INTAS 2004-82-6969
Data di inizio: 2005-03-01, Termine: 2008-02-29
In many developing countries, including Uzbekistan, insufficient food and deficiencies of vitamins and micronutrients is widespread. Cotton was the major crop produced in Uzbekistan for decades. Its production required an extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides an...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 74518
Last updated on: 2005-08-31
ID: INTAS 2004-82-7315
Data di inizio: 2005-03-01, Termine: 2008-02-29
The project is focused on the development and investigation of new Cr-Mo and Cr-Ni–W steels. The ferrochrome produced from Uzbekistan raw materials will be used for fusion of new Cr-Mo and Cr-Ni–W steels. Electrodes and technologies of arc welding, build-up and repair welding ...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 74523
Last updated on: 2005-08-31
ID: INTAS 2004-82-7271
Data di inizio: 2005-03-01, Termine: 2008-02-29
This research program stems its motivation from the serious situation of contamination of agricultural soils by persistent halogenated pesticides and from the consequent high health risk to which the population is subjected. To contribute to alleviate these pollution problems ...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 74520
Last updated on: 2005-08-31
ID: INTAS-1997-31854
Data di inizio: 1999-11-01, Termine: 2001-10-31
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 66235
Last updated on: 2003-06-11
ID: INTAS-1997-11109
Data di inizio: 1999-02-01, Termine: 2001-01-31
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 65640
Last updated on: 2003-06-11
ID: INTAS-1997-01362
Data di inizio: 2000-01-01, Termine: 2001-12-31
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 66292
Last updated on: 2003-06-11
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