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Final Report - CANEL (Carbon-based nanoelectromechanical devices)

Project ID: 003673
Funded under: FP6-IST


This is the final activity report of the 'Carbon-based nanoelctromechanical devices' (CANEL) project. Funded under the Sixth Framework Programme, CANEL aimed to fabricate, analyse and optimise structures containing carbon nanotubes (CNTs), fullerenes or peapods.

The focus of the project was set on the development of advanced information processing devices such as switches and memory elements, while the research work was organised in four work packages which are presented in the report.

Work package 1 was devoted to the fabrication of carbon-based nanorelays and nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) single-electron transistors. The goal of work package 2 was the development of fullerene-based nanostructures. Work package 3 dealt with the potential applications of peapod-based devices. Lastly, within the framework of work package 4, new techniques for integrating NEMS devices with conventional silicon technology were introduced.

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