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Final Report - MEDIATED METALLATION (Alkali-Metal-Mediated Metallation)

Project ID: 219698
Funded under: FP7-PEOPLE


Special synergic effects can be induced by mixing an alkali metal base with certain magnesium or zinc reagents leading to revolutionary new mixed-metal reagents that can perform reactions that were impossible with traditional single metal reagents. The main aim of the project was to investigate the extension of this synergic methodology to other transition metals such as cobalt, chromium, iron and nickel.

The reaction of mixed alkali-metal reagents of Cr2 and Fe2 with benzene formed the first chromium and iron host 'inverse crowns' and their magnetic properties were studied. Moreover, using diffusion-ordered Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography, two kinds of turbo-Grignard bases were fully structurally characterised. The metathesis between LiTMP and the inexpensive metal halide salt MgCl2 represented a way to synthesise turbo-Grignard bases cheaply. A systematic study of the metathesis reaction of ZnCl2 with variable amounts of tBuMgCl was realised, as well. The Mg-Zn hybrids provided further insight into the organic synthetic processes.

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