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Final Report - N2T2 DEVICES (Novel Nano-Template Technology And Its Applications To The Fabrication Of Novel Photonic Devices)

Project ID: 17481
Funded under: FP6-NMP


N2T2 DEVICES was a European funded project within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) whose ultimate aim was to establish and deploy versatile nano-replication technologies based on porous alumina to manufacture novel sub-wavelength photonic elements with superior functionalities.

The specific objectives of the project were to:
- establish technologies to fabricate hard nano-imprint moulds based on highly ordered porous alumina and multiplex the pattern over large areas to create nano-imprint masters with feature sizes down to 50 nm over areas of up to 10x10 mm as a basis for pattern replication over much larger areas;
- establish novel nano-imprint processes for pattern transfer of up to 200x200 mm at a time in Ultraviolet (UV) curable pre-polymers or thermoplastics for mass volume manufacture of large area arrays of sub-wavelength photonic elements and create the new nano-fabrication technology of disposal masters;
- show the capability of new nano-fabrication technologies through their application, namely the form of innovative electrode nanostructures and broadband anti-reflection coatings based on moth eye nanostructures for advanced large area low cost organic solar cells;
- establish compatibility between the anodised porous alumina nano-imprint technology and the semiconductor fabrication technologies to realise high brightness, short wavelength light- emitting devices that utilise arrays of quantum dots of pre-engineered shape and uniformity;
- show the application of new nano-imprint technologies, especially the disposable master technology, for the fabrication of a range of Photonic crystal (PHC) structure devices with high aspect ratio coupling devices integrated for low interconnection loss between PHC lightwave circuits and optical fibre systems.

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