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Final Report - NANOQUANTA (Nanoscale Quantum Simulations for Nanostructures and Advanced Materials)

Project ID: 500198
Funded under: FP6-NMP


The ability to invent new functionalities for nanoscale systems and advanced materials, such as quantum dots, biomolecules, and carbon nanowires, and of designing new devices for specific applications depend heavily on our understanding of the excitation under irradiation by light, electron beams or modern photon sources (synchrotrons, ultra-fast lasers), and also of the reaction of the environment to the electronic response.

In their final report, it is made clear that the project has made a very prominent contribution to this issue, both in terms of applications and in terms of development of the underlying theory and software. And in many-body perturbation theory, the main techniques (the GW method for the one-particle spectral function and the BSE method for the optical absorption and EELS spectra) have moved from exotic theories being applied to simple prototype systems to powerful daily workhorses that can be applied to rather complex molecules, nanostructures and advanced materials.

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