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Final Report - NANOGOLD (Self-organized nanomaterials for tailored optical and electrical properties)

Project ID: 228455
Funded under: FP7-NMP


This is the final report of the NANOGOLD project, funded under the European Commission (EC)'s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). NANOGOLD's objective was to develop future materials (bulk three-dimensional (3D) optical metamaterials) which are at the heart of applications that promise to revolutionise various fields of science. A referential example is a material that is part of an imaging device that possesses a resolution which outperforms established microscopes by orders of magnitude.

The report covers in detail the work performed over the work packages and discusses also in detail the findings of the project's procedures. It explains with illustrations the physics of the technology and methods and gives the potential frame of the metamaterials uses. The work is disseminated via papers on which part of the report is dedicated informing of the reader about the collective work that has been carried out.

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