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Final Report - CLEAN WATER (Water detoxification using innovative vi-nanocatalysts)

Project ID: 227017
Funded under: FP7-ENVIRONMENT


The CLEAN WATER project, which received funding by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), aimed to develop efficient and viable water detoxification technology exploiting solar energy and recent advances in nano-engineered titania photocatalysts and membranes for the destruction of extremely hazardous compounds in water, including novel emerging pollutants (toxins, hormones) of high environmental and health impact. This target has been implemented by combining a wide range of diverse research activities ranging from the development of titania based nanomaterials and membranes to reactor engineering and analytical methods for the detection of recalcitrant water pollutants as well as pilot plant scale studies and cost analysis materials and processes for water purification.

The documents provided are the final publishable summary reports. Initially, the main objectives of the project, an overview of the main achievements and their impact are briefly documented. The report goes on with introducing the wider context of the project and the objectives that the project set out to address. The main project results are also stated in the three subprojects. The first subproject consists of work packages (WPs) 1-3 focusing on the preparation of novel nanostructured photocatalyst materials and membranes. The second subproject consists of WPs 4-6, focusing on water detoxification by the novel nanostructured photocatalysts. The photocatalytic materials developed and evaluated in the first and second subprojects will provide input for the third subproject (WPs 7-8) for the development of a novel continuous flow photocatalytic membrane reactor that will incorporate the innovative photocatalytic membranes and the immobilised nanocatalysts.

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