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Periodic Report - NFFA (Nanoscience foundries and fine analysis)

Project ID: 212348


This is the publishable summary report for the second period for the NFFA project which received funding under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). NFFA is a design study for a European research infrastructure enabling access to nanoscience, atomic precision and fine analysis with a unified metrology. The design study is the joint effort of five European research institutions with the aim of investigating the feasibility of a new kind of user infrastructure for nanoscience consisting in a cluster of 3-6 foundry centres in close connection with Large-scale facilities (LSFs).

The report covers a summary description of the project context and objectives and goes on with the work performed since the beginning of the project and the main results achieved so far. It closes with the expected final results and their potential impact and use.

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