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Final Report - ICARE-2010 (International conference on airborne research for the environment)

Project ID: 262147


This is the publishable summary for the ICARE-2010 project which received funding under the European Commission (EC)'s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The first ICARE-2010 was organised in 2010 for all scientists involved in airborne research to exchange experiences and contribute to a forward-look on users' requirements and operators' development strategy, with a special focus on open access to airborne research infrastructures, joint development of a heavy payload and long endurance aircraft, availability of a stratospheric aircraft in Europe and development of Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for environmental research.

The report covers an overview of the project context and objectives and goes on with the work performed in the five work packages since the beginning of the project. It closes with the final results and their potential impact.

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