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An improved IGCC power plant design was elaborated by the partners of this JOF3-CT95-0004 contract funded in part by the European Commission. The design is based on existing technologies and proven materials, PRENFLO gasifier (Krupp Uhde), cold wet gas cleaning, gas turboset Model V94.3A (Siemens), assuming that this turbine can be operated with coal-der ived fuel gas at elevated inlet temperature. Because an IGCC plant based on these components could be built as a follow-up plant of existing IGCC power stations, the new design is termed IGCC 98. According to flow sheet calculations, such a plant would achieve an efficiency of 51.5 % (LHV) and the specific plant costs (plant delivery price) are estimated to amount to 980 ECU/kW (around 1,100 US$/kW).

An IGCC power plant of this type has outstanding performance characteristics with respect to environmental protection requirements: specific CO 2 emission 0.610 kg/kWh, saleable byproducts like elemental sulphur and slag (building materials), no dry flue ash residues, minimum waste water contaminants, SOx and NO x emission below staturatory limits without secondary measures. Under comparable market conditions, a coal-based IGCC station of this type would be competitive with modern state-of-the-art coal-fired steam power plants (efficiency 45%, LHV).

Considering the increase in fuel gas temperature (as a means to enhance efficiency), autooxidation effects could decrease the heating value and may cause combustion problems. In terms of safety aspects, however, there are no restrictions when using diluent nitrogen with a low O 2 content (below 3 % vol) as is common practice today. This has been experimentally investigated. Moreover, it can be expected that auto-oxidation phenomena will not occur under full scale conditions as a consequence of the turbulent flow regime.

Furthermore, co-gasification of biomass and coal in an IGCC power plant with dry fuel feeding and entrained-flow gasifier (PRENFLO of Krupp Uhde

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