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  • Development, production and testing of optimized designs of compact heat exchangers containing heat transfer surfaces with implanted vortex generators. Final report


Publishable final report of Project JOE3-CT97-0056

The objective of the VEHE project was to implement vortex generators (VGs) into the industrial manufacture of heat exchangers to augment heat transfer coefficients and thus to reduce the required internal heat transfer surface, and consequently volume, weight and cost of heat exchangers. VGs are typically small plates, wings or ribs, fixed in a tube or channel on the heat transfer surface with an angle of attack against the main flow direction. VGs induce vortices in the fluid flow and augment heat transfer by enhanced transverse mixing of the fluid and by homogenising the fluid temperature across the flow channel.
The principal particular targets of the project were

1.) to study heat transfer and flow losses of these three VEHE designs by both, experiments and numeric simulations of single channels or of periodic elements;

2.) to build and to test heat exchanger prototypes according to the three selected designs; and

3.) to develop a software for performance prediction and design of such vortex enhanced heat exchangers.

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