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Research was done to gain a better understanding into the effects of HAZ toughness and level of weld metal overmatching on the failure behaviour of weldments in higher-strength steels. To that end, a 50 mm thick grade 450 EMZ Q & T steel plate was butt (1/2 V) welded at a heat input of 3.5 kJ/mm using a multipass SAW procedure yielding high amounts of coarse grain HAZ structures along the fusion line. To examine the effects of strength mismatch on failure behaviour, welds were made with two wire/flux combinations, yielding low (18%) and high (32%) overmatching levels.
Wide plate tests were conducted in the AW condition to study the failure characteristics of the HAZ of the 3.5 kJ/mm heat input SAW weld joints. The wide plates, incorporating fatigued surface cracks of varying dimensions located in the most critical HAZ regions, were tensile loaded to failure at -10 C.
The wide plate and CTOD data were used to validate the PD 6493: 1991 failure assessment procedures for higher-strength steel weldments. The assessment procedures were found to give safe (conservative) predictions of wide plate failure in all instances, provided a realistic estimate of the HAZ toughness (based on a representative set of data) is employed. .

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Authors: DENYS R, Belgisch Instituut voor Lastechniek, Gent (BE);LEFEVRE A, Belgisch Instituut voor Lastechniek, Gent (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 15625 EN (1996) 215pp., FS, ECU 25
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-827-6460-5
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