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  • Application of the microwave oven as a fast, safe objective system for dissolution and treatment of samples in the chemical analysis of steel


This work was dedicated to selecting the instrumental conditions suitable for the dissolution of samples typical of the iron and steel industries: steels, ferroalloys, slags, coal, ashes, oil, iron ores, sludges, refractory materials. For each matrix the following parameters have been examined: partice size; type and quantity of acid mixture; type of the digestion vessels; power/time ratio. For the dissolution of non-conductive materials three microwave ovens were tested: Milestone MLS 1200 oven (1200 watt); CEM MDS 81-D oven (600 watt); CEM MDS-2000 (software system to control the temperature, by a P photocell; the system allows control of the pressure vessel too). The dissolution of steels, ferroalloys and refractory materials (magnesite, dolomite, magnesite-chrome) was carried out using a MILESTONE MLS 1200 oven. For all type of matrices it was possible to establish which elements are determinable in the soluble phase. The yields for Al, Cr, Si, Ti are generally low when these elements are present as refractory phases (alumina, cromite, rutile) in non-conductive materials. As steels and ferroalloys are concerned, requested times for total dissolution of the samples are very reduced in comparison with chemical procedures.

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Authors: DORADO LOPEZ T, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA, Roma (IT);DEL MONTE M, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA, Roma (IT);FALCIANI R, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA, Roma (IT);TAMBA A, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA, Roma (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 15800 IT (1996) 136pp., FS, ECU 15.00
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-827-5983-O
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