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The goals of the project report here were: to find one or more candidate methods for on-line measurement of steel surface contamination, to verify the methods experimentally and to carry out a preliminary top-level system design of an instrument; and to evaluate a commercially available optical reflectivity gauge (glossmeter) in the laboratory, and on a process line for on-line general surface cleanliness measurement. The first goal has been achieved. The method chosen is that of automated tape sampling. The second, partially, as the glossmeter did not perform as expected and was deemed unsuitable for use on-line. Tape sampling is a well characterized off-line method of measuring steel dirtiness which is in daily use in cold-rolling steel mills today. It involves applying clear sticky tape to the steel, removing it, and measuring the reflectance of the now dirty tape when mounted on white card.

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Authors: MIASIK J, British Steel plc, Port Talbot (GB)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 15813 EN (1996) 71pp., FS, ECU 10.00
Availability: Available from the (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-827-7127-X
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